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Choosing the right aggregate crusher types

There are many types of crushers, each with its unique characteristics and methods of use. So the question is, how to choose the right aggregate crusher types?
Crushing and sand making equipment is the core equipment in the production of artificial concrete aggregates, and its performance directly affects the quality of the concrete aggregates, and affects the investment and production costs of the artificial sand processing system. At present, there are many crushing and sand making equipment manufacturers at home and abroad, with various varieties, and their performance and prices are also different. How to choose the right crushing and sand making equipment to ensure the operation of the artificial sand production system has become a problem that every consumer needs to care about. The following introduces how to choose the right aggregate crusher types
Sand and gravel aggregates are usually divided into two types: coarse aggregate and fine aggregate. Those with a particle size greater than 5mm are coarse aggregates, and those with a particle size less than 5mm are fine aggregates. Coarse aggregates are extra-large stones with a particle size of 80~150mm, 40~80mm for large stones, 20~40mm for medium stones, and 5~20mm for fine stones; fine aggregates are divided into coarse sand, medium sand and fine sand.

The selection of the main crushing equipment of the sand and gravel processing system is the key to the successful realization of its functions and the main way to reduce the unit price of sand and gravel. The selection of crushing equipment should fully consider the reliability, compatibility, and economy of the equipment. The type, specification, and quantity of crushing equipment selected must meet the needs of the process and the needs of product quality and quantity. If there are a variety of crushing equipment to choose from, they should be determined after technical and economic comparison; the equipment used in the upper and lower processes should be balanced; the types and specifications of the same operating equipment should be unified as much as possible; large-scale sand and gravel processing The factory should choose large-scale crushing equipment that is compatible with the production scale. The main crushing equipment can generally consider an appropriate load factor. The selection of crushing equipment should consider the adaptability of the equipment to the lithology of the raw materials, and meet the requirements of the feed size and quantity. The type of sand making equipment should be compatible with the physical properties of the sand making raw materials, the required processing capacity, the sand fineness modulus, and the equipment configuration requirements.

Main types of ore crusher
1. Roller crusher
Roll crusher is suitable for crushing medium hardness in the industrial sectors of cement, chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy, building materials, refractories, etc.
Materials such as limestone, slag, coke, coal and other materials are crushed and finely crushed. This series of roller crushers are mainly composed of rollers, rollers
It consists of wheel support bearing, pressing and adjusting device and driving device.
2 Jaw crusher
Jaw crusher is an earlier crushing equipment because of its simple structure, sturdiness, reliable work, easy maintenance and repair, and production and construction costs
Therefore, it is still widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, electric power, transportation and other industrial sectors.
Coarse, medium and fine crushing of various ores and rocks of 147~245MPa. In recent years, in order to meet the requirements of metallurgy, mining, construction and other industrial sectors
For the needs of high-strength, high-hardness micro-carbon ferrochrome, a powerful jaw crusher has been specially developed. Jaw crusher is mainly used for various ores and large blocks
It is widely used in mining, smelting, building materials, highway, railway, water conservancy and chemical industries.

jaw crusher

3 Impact crusher
The counterattack crusher (counterattack crusher) is the most developed by our company on the basis of absorbing domestic and foreign advanced technology and combining the specific industrial and mining conditions of the domestic sand and gravel industry
A new generation of impact crusher. It uses the latest manufacturing technology, unique structure design, the finished product is cubic, no tension and cracks, and granular
Very good, capable of crushing various coarse, medium and fine materials (granite, lime,
Stone, concrete, etc.)
4、Cone crusher
Cone crushers are widely used in mines, cement plants, and sand and gravel industries. They are used for medium and fine crushing of various mine rocks with a pressure below 350 MPa.
Such as iron ore, non-ferrous metal ore, basalt, granite, limestone, sandstone, cobblestone, etc. High-performance crushing cavity type and high crushing frequency
The full combination greatly improves the processing capacity of HPC high-efficiency hydraulic cone crusher (HPC high-efficiency hydraulic cone crusher).
Therefore, most of the broken products have a cubic structure, which greatly reduces the needle-like materials.

aggregate crusher cone crusher

Choosing the right aggregate crusher types, which type of crusher is better for a gravel plant? This question is particularly important for users who have newly invested in a stone plant. Shanghai Dongmeng-China's high-end equipment manufacturing enterprise, the main business scope covers mine mining design, construction material mining and crushing, screening, shaping, machine-made sand production line, solid waste treatment equipment,

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