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How to maintain the hydraulic system of a multi-cylinder cone crusher?

The multi-cylinder cone crusher is widely used in the mining industry. Its advantages are high output, low use cost, compact design, simple operation and low maintenance cost. Among them, the multi-cylinder cone crusher is improved on the basis of traditional crushing equipment. The main component is the hydraulic system, so how to maintain the hydraulic system of the multi-cylinder cone crusher?

 multi-cylinder cone crusher
 First of all, we must ensure the internal cleanliness of the multi-cylinder cone crusher. When the multi-cylinder cone crusher crushes sand and gravel, it will generate a lot of dust. Therefore, pay attention to the problem of dust removal during use to prevent water from entering the hydraulic oil. At the same time, dust removal equipment can be added to the hydraulic dust removal components.
 In order to ensure the cleanliness of the hydraulic multi-cylinder cone crusher equipment, the same type of hydraulic oil can be used to clean the hydraulic system when using the equipment, which can avoid damage to the multi-cylinder cone crusher and effectively reduce the maintenance of the equipment. And maintenance.
 When replacing hydraulic oil, pay attention to the use of filters to ensure that the filter is clean. When adding hydraulic oil, follow the specified oil level range. At the same time, pay attention to the replacement time of the hydraulic oil. The editor recommends that the equipment just shuts down. When the hydraulic oil is hot, it can remove oil stains and sediments, and then inject new hydraulic oil.

The replacement of hydraulic oil plays a role in the maintenance of the multi-cylinder cone crusher, but some people may not know when to replace the hydraulic oil. The editor tells you that the new hydraulic oil is usually lighter in color and has no obvious smell, but As the use time becomes longer, the color of the hydraulic oil will darken and there will be obvious temperature, so this time it is necessary to replace the new oil.
  In addition, the water content of the hydraulic oil will also affect the lubrication performance. When a large amount of water enters the hydraulic oil, the water and oil cannot be mixed together, and turbidity will appear during the mixing process. This is also necessary at this time. When changing the hydraulic oil, so as not to affect the performance of the equipment.
  The working location of the multi-cylinder cone crusher is relatively harsh. During the operation, due to the continuous collision and grinding between the parts, it is easy to generate debris and enter the hydraulic oil. If there are too many impurities in the hydraulic oil, it will not only reduce the quality, but also damage the wearing parts, so after using it for a period of time, please pay attention to the impurities in the hydraulic oil.

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