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What is the working principle of the cone crusher?

With the continuous development of mining technology, cone crushers are also divided into several categories, including spring cone crushers, mortar cone crushers, hydraulic cone crushers and composite cone crushers according to the types; they are divided into general PY cone crusher, Simmons cone crusher, compound cone crusher, standard hydraulic cone crusher, single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher and multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher and many other models. What is the working principle of the cone crusher? The hydraulic crusher is developed on the basis of digesting and absorbing various types of cone crushers with international advanced level in the 1980s. It is obviously different in design from the traditional cone crusher, and it concentrates the main advantages of various types of cone crushers known so far. It is suitable for fine crushing and superfine crushing of hard rocks, ore, slag, refractory materials, etc.

cone crusher

What is the working principle of the cone crusher?
Working principle of spring cone crusher
The working principle of spring cone crusher is actually similar to that of cone crusher. The purpose of crushing is achieved by rotating and swinging the eccentric sleeve. Under the working condition of this kind of crusher, the motor will promote the rotation and swing of the eccentric sleeve through the action of the fluid coupling and the large gear under the eccentric sleeve driven by the gear, so that the material in the cavity is broken. During the operation of this crusher, its own main shaft does not move. This is only the part used to withstand the crushing granularity. After all, in the process of operation, the eccentric sleeve can achieve strong crushing performance when the main shaft does not move. Therefore, this structure is designed to be able to withstand larger crushed plums, and the equipment will not be caused by the increase in crushing force. The damage may affect the crushing effect.

The working principle of single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher
When the single-cylinder cone crusher works: the motor drives the small gear of the crusher, the small gear drives the big gear, and the big gear components (big gear, big gear frame, eccentric steel sleeve) drive eccentric sleeve components (eccentric cylinder sleeve, eccentric copper sleeve) And the main shaft assembly (spindle, inner cone, inner cone liner) takes the theoretical vertical line as the center and revolves in the copper bushing, and the main shaft assembly can realize rotation in the eccentric copper bushing on the center line of the main shaft. When the machine is running empty, the eccentric sleeve assembly "holds" the main shaft assembly and revolves with the large gear. When the material is added to the crushing chamber, the main shaft assembly (spindle, inner cone) slowly moves in the eccentric copper sleeve under the resistance of the material The rotation. The running track of the inner cone seems to swing back and forth in the crushing cavity while rotating slowly. The material is squeezed and broken by the swinging inner cone. The connection between the support sleeve and the frame body is pressed by a hydraulic cylinder. When a metal block or other unbreakable objects fall into the crusher, the moving cone of the single cylinder is held up by the hydraulic piston at the bottom, which can adjust the discharge port and protect it from passing iron. Rise and fall to eliminate the role of blockage.
Working principle of multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher
When working, the motor drives the belt wheel or the coupling, and the transmission shaft and the cone part make the eccentric shaft perform periodic swing motion under the axis line. After the material enters the crushing cavity from the feed port, it is crushed due to the impact of the eccentric shaft and the wall of the rolling mortar, squeezing, grinding, and kneading. The material crushed to the required particle size falls under its own gravity and is discharged from the bottom. The hydraulic safety system can lift the support sleeve and the fixed cone part to eliminate the fault by hydraulic pressure when the equipment has an iron failure or a stuffy car. While playing a good insurance role, it greatly reduces the maintenance rate and improves Increased production efficiency.

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