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Application of Multi-cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher in Mobile Crushing Station

Speaking of the multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, everyone is familiar with it. Although it is more expensive, it has brought huge economic benefits to mine crushing users. Today, someone asked me if the multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher DHP is applied to mobile crushing. What will be the effect in the station?
The DHP multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is an advanced high-performance cone crusher developed by Shanghai Dongmeng Company by introducing new foreign technology. Breaking through the traditional design concept of cone crusher structure, and using the principle of laminated crushing, significantly improved the crushing capacity and product quality. When working, the motor rotates through the belt pulley or coupling, the drive shaft and the cone part to rotate around a fixed under the force of the eccentric sleeve, so that the crushing wall of the cone crusher sometimes approaches and sometimes leaves the fixed installation. Adjust the surface of the rolling mortar wall on the sleeve, so that the ore is continuously impacted, squeezed and bent in the crushing cavity to realize the crushing of the ore.

DHP Super Hydraulic Cone Crusher

The multi-cylinder mobile crushing plant launched by Shanghai Dongmeng has a beautiful appearance and strong practicability. It is widely used and sold well in the market. This series of mobile crushing stations can also work with other types of mobile screening stations to form a multi-stage production system, which can meet the requirements for high-yield and high-standard sand aggregate production.
The application of multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher in mobile crushing station is a very typical stone production line technology. According to the material and feed size proposed by the customer. The standard type of cone crusher is mostly used for open circuit, and the short head type is mostly used for closed circuit. When choosing a liner, the user must generally consider three factors: output, power consumption, and wear resistance of the liner; generally, it should be carried out according to the following principles: large feed size; particle size change, feed size distribution; material Hardness; the wear resistance of the material. The longer the liner, the higher the power consumption. Choose short liners for hard materials and long liners for soft materials. In terms of material distribution, choose short liners for fine materials and long liners for coarse materials. Improve the performance and crushing capacity of the equipment. The hydraulic lubrication system ensures the reliable operation of the equipment, while the operation control is more intelligent and humane.

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