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Construction waste crusher manufacturer

Construction waste mainly refers to a kind of waste brick slag produced during the construction and demolition of buildings. If these construction wastes are not processed and used reasonably, they will occupy land resources and destroy environmental quality. The recycling of construction waste is in line with the national development of circular economy and sustainable development strategy. Construction waste shredder is also called construction waste shredder, which can process construction waste into recycled concrete aggregates, raw materials for new wall materials, and road base filling materials.

Construction waste shredders are now mostly mobile construction waste shredders, with multiple types of configurations and flexible collocation, which can realize the transformation of construction waste from traditional "building materials→buildings→construction waste" to "building materials→buildings→construction waste→ The new building materials industry chain of “renewable raw materials → new products” and the transformation of production and operation mode of circular economy and low-carbon economy.

mobile construction waste crushing station

Advantages of Dongmeng construction waste crushing equipment

Strong mobility: The crawler-type mobile crushing station is short in length, and different crushing equipment is installed on independent movable chassis. The wheelbase is short, the turning radius is small, the production capacity is reliable, and the maintenance is convenient: the Dongmeng crawler-type mobile crushing station has been optimized and Enhanced design, higher hardness and better productivity. It can travel flexibly on ordinary roads and in the work area.
The integrated series of crawler-type mobile crushing plants have reliable production capacity and easy maintenance: these products are used in key equipment of crawler-type mobile crushing plants. These products have been optimized and strengthened in design, with higher hardness and better productivity. It can be used independently, and it can also provide more flexible process configuration according to the user's requirements for the material type and product in the process, to meet the user's mobile crushing, mobile screening and other requirements, making the generation organization and logistics transfer more direct and effective, and the cost is up to Greatly reduced.
The construction waste crushing station is mainly composed of feeding equipment, crushing equipment, screening equipment, conveying equipment, iron removal equipment, electrical control system and "ship-shaped" frame. Either a single operation can be realized, or it can be used in combination according to the specific requirements of the user.

Features of mobile construction waste crushing station:

1. Save production costs and reduce the high cost of construction waste transportation.
2. Good mobility, compact structure, no need for special transportation vehicles.
3. It is convenient for supporting installation, saving installation basic cost and installation and adjustment manpower.
4. Improve the utilization rate of the equipment, and the work site can be changed at any time.
Shanghai Dongmeng construction waste crusher manufacturer has experienced more than ten years of hard work. It has standardized heavy-duty industrial plants, ingeniously casting good products, direct sales, spot supply, and more affordable. If you are interested, you can come to the factory for on-site inspection

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