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DC series high efficiency jaw crusher factory|jaw crusher suppliers

Jaw crusher is an earlier crushing equipment. Because of its simple structure, sturdiness, reliable work, easy maintenance and repair, and relatively low production and construction costs, it is still widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, electric power, For transportation and other industrial sectors, it is used for coarse, medium and fine crushing of various ores and rocks with compressive strength between 147 and 245MPa. In recent years, Dongmeng jaw crusher factory have specially developed jaw crushers to meet the needs of metallurgy, mining, construction and other industrial sectors for crushing high-strength and high-hardness micro-carbon ferrochrome.

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Jaw crushers are mainly used for medium-size crushing of various ores and bulk materials, and are widely used in mining, smelting, building materials, highways, railways, water conservancy and chemical industries. The compressive strength of the crushed material is 320MPa.
Performance advantage
1Special structure, high output and energy saving
Deepen the "V-shaped" deep cavity, high-yield and energy-saving, no dead corners of crushing, uniform particle size of the finished product
2Advanced manufacturing technology and excellent material selection quality
Using advanced manufacturing technology and high wear-resistant materials, the entire equipment is more durable
3 Reasonable feeding port design and large capacity
New type of tooth guard, the effective area of jaw crushing is increased, and the production capacity is large
4High operating efficiency, stable and reliable
The ingenious design of flywheel parameters makes the operation of the equipment more stable and reliable.

Working principle of jaw crusher

The jaw crusher is mainly composed of a frame, an eccentric shaft, a large belt pulley, a flywheel, a side guard, a toggle, a toggle back seat, a clearance screw, a return spring, a fixed jaw and a movable jaw.
The crushing method of the jaw crusher is a curved extrusion type. When working, the motor drives the belt and pulley to move the movable jaw up and down through the eccentric shaft. When the movable jaw rises, the angle between the toggle plate and the movable jaw becomes larger, thereby pushing the movable jaw plate closer to the fixed jaw plate, and the material passes through the two jaws. The squeezing, rubbing, and grinding between the plates realize multiple crushing; when the movable jaw moves down, the angle between the toggle plate and the movable jaw becomes smaller, and the movable jaw leaves the fixed jaw under the action of the pull rod and spring, and the material has been crushed Under the action of gravity, it can be discharged freely through the discharge port at the lower part of the jaw cavity. With the continuous rotation of the motor, the movable jaw is periodically crushed and discharged to realize mass production.

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The jaw crusher equipment on the market is highly competitive and has various types of equipment. "When an item is more competitive on the market, the more cost-effective equipment we can find for our consumers." So this is very important to us It's a good thing. What we need to worry about is how to find a suitable jaw crusher factory in so many equipment.
Choosing a suitable jaw crusher factory is actually the same as choosing a reliable partner. The most important thing to find a partner is win-win cooperation. What is a win-win cooperation between customers and factory ? Customers trust jaw crusher factory . With the purchase of jaw crusher equipment, the factory suppliers customers with quality up-to-standard equipment and supporting after-sales service.

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