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DVSI sand making machine made in china

DVSI sand making machine is the result of a new design based on China's working conditions. It is currently a high-performance sand making equipment with a considerable level of domestic production. The sand making machine is designed to provide high-quality sand and gravel aggregates for highways, high-speed railways, high-rise buildings, municipalities, hydropower dam construction, and concrete mixing stations. It is an equipment in the field of artificial sand making and stone shaping. It is a new sand making machine with considerable level newly developed by our company. Excellent price/performance ratio. Long-term technological accumulation and sophisticated production of modern processing equipment ensure the position of the new VSI series of sand making machines in the domestic sand making industry.

DVSI sand making machine made in china

Advantages of DVSI high-efficiency sand making machine

Quality assurance, low energy consumption
The process technology of high-quality materials improves the internal quality and appearance quality of the equipment and ensures a low failure rate. Reasonable design of material impact angle of crushing chamber reduces wear and use cost, and increases output by 30%
One machine with multiple functions, excellent grain shape
It has a variety of crushing cavity types, which realizes the free conversion of "stone-on-rock" and "stone-on-iron", and makes the finished product excellent in particle shape, reasonable gradation, and adjustable fineness modulus, suitable for artificial sand making, stone shaping and other fields
Unique design, easy to maintain
Hydraulic lid opening device is easy to overhaul and maintain, saving time and effort. Vibration display and alarm device, automatic detection, reliable. Thin oil lubrication station and dual oil pumps provide complementary oil to ensure that the bearing lubrication is always in good condition and prolong the service life of the equipment
Self-circulation system, good for environmental protection
The special air self-circulation system greatly reduces the external exhaust air volume, with less dust and low noise, which is conducive to environmental protection. It can be equipped with various specifications of dust removal equipment to increase environmental protection.

dvsi sand making machine production line

Working principle of DVSI high-efficiency sand making machine

The material falls into the feed hopper of the sand making machine, enters the high-speed rotating spinner through the central feed hole, is rapidly accelerated in the spinner, and its acceleration can reach multiple gravitational accelerations, and then shoots out of the spinner at high speed, first and rebound Another part of the material that fell freely afterwards hits, and then hits the material lining (stone hitting stone) or counter-attack block (stone hitting iron) together, and is impacted obliquely upwards to the top of the vortex chamber by the rebound, and then changes its direction of movement and deflects downward It moves and collides with the material emitted from the impeller runner to form a continuous material curtain. In this way, a piece of material is subjected to two or more chances of impact, friction and grinding and crushing in the vortex crushing cavity. The crushed materials are discharged from the lower discharge port.

Shanghai Dongmeng Road & Bridge Machinery is an old-brand sand making machine manufacturer, which produces stone sand making machines that can process hundreds of stone ores. Professional workshops, senior R&D engineers, manufacturing workers who strive for excellence, and conscientious after-sales service team combine to form a set of high-quality stone sand making machines. Shanghai Dongmeng Road & Bridge Machinery Factory provides a full set of services such as equipment consultation and selection, scheme design, installation and commissioning. If you buy large equipment, you can rest assured. Welcome to our factory for on-site inspection.

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