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Feldspar sandstone jaw crusher

Introduction of feldspar sandstone jaw crusher

Feldspar sandstone is a kind of sandstone with a high content of feldspar fragments, and the color is mostly flesh-colored or gray. It is formed by mechanical weathering of various types of granite and gneiss, and is mostly distributed in mountain piedmont or in mountain basins. Feldspar sandstone has a wide range of functions and is mostly used in construction, ceramics, chemical industry, mining, glass, petrochemical, environmental protection and other fields.
The feldspar sandstone jaw crusher is a high-efficiency crushing equipment specially developed for feldspar sandstone processing. It is affordable and has high output. Once launched, it has been warmly welcomed by users. It is currently the most popular feldspar sandstone crushing equipment.

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Feldspar sandstone jaw crusher structure

The feldspar sandstone jaw crusher is composed of a frame, a fixed jaw, a movable jaw, a fixed jaw plate, a movable jaw plate, a side guard plate, a transmission, a regulating device, a spring, a flywheel, a lubricating device, etc.

Performance advantages of feldspar sandstone jaw crusher

1. Simple structure and easy operation
The structure of the equipment is very simple, there are not many parts, but they are all important. The whole crushing process is mainly completed by moving the jaw. The working principle is simple and easy to understand. It does not take a lot of time to learn, reducing the time to learn the theory of operation, and the operation is more easy to use.
2. Many models and wide application range
The jaw crusher has a complete range of models, which basically meets the crushing requirements of all large, medium and small enterprises, especially in the crushing of feldspar sandstone. It has a wide range of discharging particle sizes and can be used by manufacturers with a variety of particle size requirements.
3. Strong crushing ability and high cost performance
In addition to crushing feldspar sandstone, the feldspar sandstone jaw crusher can also crush more than 300 materials with a strength of no more than 320 MPa. It has a large feed inlet and a large crushing ratio, which has a super crushing capacity. Compared with other crushing equipment, the price of feldspar sandstone jaw crusher is not high, professional and cost-effective.

The working principle of feldspar sandstone jaw crusher

When the feldspar sandstone jaw crusher is working, the motor drives the belt and pulley to run, and the eccentric shaft drives the movable jaw to move back and forth, up and down. When the movable jaw rises, the movable jaw plate approaches the fixed jaw plate, and the feldspar sandstone is squeezed When the movable jaw moves downward, the movable jaw is moved away from the fixed jaw under the action of the return spring, and the feldspar sandstone is discharged out of the crushing cavity under the action of gravity. Due to the continuous movement of the motor, the movable jaw plate periodically approaches and moves away from the fixed jaw plate to continuously complete the processing of feldspar sandstone until all the feldspar sandstone is crushed.

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