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Full hydraulic, granular Meiduo cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

The multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is a high-efficiency hydraulic cone crusher independently developed and produced by Dongmenglu Bridge Machinery Co., LTD., which integrates hydraulic, automation and machinery manufacturing technologies and is widely used in metallurgy, cement, water conservancy, mining, highway, railway, construction and other fields.

Multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher installation site

Our company's multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher has high technical content, low operating cost, durability, good grain shape and high efficiency and energy saving quality, so it has been widely praised by domestic and foreign enterprise users, and become the customer's favorite choice.

Analysis of advantages of multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

1, hydraulic lubrication combined oil station, small volume, more simple wiring.
2, multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher choose fixed axis structure design, crushing force, small equipment infrastructure investment.
3. Simple operation, safe and controllable. The device is equipped with a remote touch screen operation interface to display the working status in real time. And it USES the new PLC automatic control system, provides the safe and reliable operation protection to the equipment operator.
4. The mortar wall does not need to be filled, so it is more convenient for replacement.
5, crushing strength
6, hydraulic motor adjustment discharge port adjustment easy to operate.
7. High crushing efficiency and good grain shape

Multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

The equipment adopts lamination crushing, which is a special crushing chamber designed by the principle of intergranular lamination and its matching speed, replacing the traditional single particle crushing, and greatly improving the rated power of the equipment. The selective crushing of materials is realized, and the grain shape of the products is good.

Shanghai DongMeng Road & Bridge Machinery Co., Ltd  is a set of production, research and development, sales in one of the mine machinery equipment manufacturers, so high quality equipment, good after-sales service, cost-effective products, worthy of choice!
If you are interested in our multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, please leave us a message below or consult us online for more product information.

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