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General Aggregates production process

What exactly is aggregates? What is the production process?

The green development of the sand and gravel industry has always attracted the attention of industry professionals. Studies have shown that sand and gravel aggregates have become the second largest consumable for human beings, second only to fresh water. High-speed railways, roads extending in all directions, and rows of tall buildings across the country. Building, what kind of construction does not need to consume a lot of sand and gravel aggregates? So what General Aggregates production process?

aggregates production line

Aggregate plays a role in filling and supporting concrete in a loose granular form, improving the durability and stability of concrete.
According to the source, it is divided into natural, artificial and regenerated;
According to the particle size, it is divided into coarse aggregate and fine aggregate;
According to the density, it is divided into ordinary aggregate and light aggregate.
Fine aggregates with a particle size of 0.15-4.75mm are commonly called sand, and coarse aggregates with a particle size of 4.75-9.0mm are commonly called stone. As natural sand and stone aggregates are gradually depleted, the market for artificial sand and stone is compared Hot, various slag, rocks, waste materials, etc. can be processed into the required particle size through mechanical equipment.

General Aggregates production process

First, the quarried stones are evenly fed into the jaw crusher by the feeder for primary crushing. Then, the produced coarse stones are transported by the belt conveyor to the PF impact crusher for deep crushing, and the crushed stones enter the screener. The stones with different properties are screened and classified. The stones with qualified particle size are sent to the finished aggregate pile by the finished belt conveyor; the stones with unqualified particle size are returned by the belt conveyor to the PF impact crusher for another crushing, forming a closed circuit for multiple cycles. , The particle size of the finished product can be combined and classified according to the needs of customers. In order to protect the environment, auxiliary dust removal machinery can be configured.

Common aggregate production line configuration

Generally speaking, the configuration of the aggregate production line needs to combine the user's working conditions, hourly output, finished product size, energy consumption and other requirements. The common equipment combinations of the aggregate production line are:
1. Jaw crusher + cone crusher + sand making machine + auxiliary equipment (feeder, conveyor, hoist, etc.);
2. Jaw crusher + impact crusher + sand making machine + auxiliary equipment;
3. Hammer crusher + high efficiency fine crusher + impact sand making machine + auxiliary equipment.

aggregate production line configuation

Advantages of sand and gravel aggregate production line

1. The entire sand and gravel aggregate production line does not require a high degree of manualization. The entire production line requires almost no manual operation except for machine startup and shutdown and ordinary maintenance.
2. After crushed and processed by the sand and gravel aggregate production line, the finished stone has uniform particle size, good shape, no internal cracks, high compressive strength, and is very compliant with high-speed material requirements.
3. The mechanical wear parts of the entire production line are made of high-strength wear-resistant materials, with low loss and long use time, which can provide customers with more economic benefits.
The sand and gravel aggregate production line is a combination of a series of exclusive machinery used in the production of sand, aggregate and other building materials or industrial materials. After the crushing treatment, the finished sand and gravel have a better shape, good permeability, and pressure resistance With high performance, it is very suitable for the construction and use of various large, medium and small projects such as road tunnels, so it is loved by the majority of investors.

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