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Gold mining equipment manufacturer, what crushing equipment is needed for gold mining

Because the mining operation conditions are generally poor and the equipment is worn out, mining companies usually adopt frequent replacement of spare parts to reduce the loss of equipment mainframe. Therefore, the mining industry has a large demand for spare parts and is continuous. The sales of beneficiation spare parts can maintain a certain degree of stability.
Gold mining requires processes such as crushing and ball milling. The large stones are broken into fine sand of a certain mesh through crushing and ball milling, and then they can enter the gravity separation equipment for gold recovery. General crushing and ball milling equipment includes: jaw crusher, sand making machine, ball mill, classifier, etc. If the conditions are limited, or the mountain body is oxidized very seriously, the stone is not hard. It is not necessary to use a ball mill, but directly use a crusher to circulate and crush to a certain particle size, and then directly enter the gravity separation equipment to recover gold. This method is also widely used by customers in recent years. This method without ball milling has the characteristics of low investment cost and low production cost. If it is a large-scale rock gold mine, the rock gold mine is hard, so a ball mill must be used.

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Shanghai Dongmeng mining equipment manufacturing has experienced the development path of introducing and absorbing foreign advanced technology, cooperative design and independent design. Our company is a branded enterprise specializing in the production of crushing and screening machinery, with strong strength, superb technology and a good reputation. The advantages of our company are as follows
1. Strong strength and complete variety
Our company has a strong production capacity. The gold ore beneficiation production line equipment provided by the company has a wide range of types and varieties. It can design production lines with different capacities for users to choose. If you buy a set, you will have an 8-9% discount.
2. Scientific configuration and reasonable design
Professionals configure more scientific equipment for you, and the designed production line has large capacity, low investment, good return, and the overall price is very cost-effective.
3. Mature production technology and low profit value
The manufacturer has very mature production technology to ensure that the quality of the production line equipment is better, and the overall cost is reduced by 30%. At the same time, the manufacturer's profit value is set relatively low, so the overall quotation is more cost-effective.

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