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High Quality Sandstone Rock Small Mini Jaw Crusher Pulverizer Price

The jaw crusher is generally used for the coarse crushing of materials. As the "first pass" of the production line, its importance is self-evident. The minimum production capacity of the jaw crusher is 1t/h, and the maximum can reach 1590t/h. It is relatively wide and can adapt to a variety of production needs. For some manufacturers with low production demand, choosing large-scale equipment will not only have high initial investment costs, but also the later operation and maintenance costs. It is more appropriate for these manufacturers to choose small equipment, so here I will introduce you Type crusher.

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Advantages of jaw crusher

The jaw crusher is suitable for coarse crushing and medium crushing of various ores and bulk materials. It has the characteristics of large crushing ratio, uniform product size, simple structure, reliable work, simple maintenance, and economical operating costs. It is also called Laohukou .

1. Large crushing ratio, small volume, low running vibration, low noise, and stronger carrying capacity.
2. Careful calculation of eccentricity and reasonable design of moving jaw movement trajectory can increase the output by 30%-50%.
3. The lubrication system is lubricated by centralized oil injection, and the sealing equipment is sealed, which can effectively prevent dust.
4. The adjustment device is equipped with a hydraulic cylinder or screw, the discharge opening is convenient and quick to adjust, and the maintenance is very convenient.

The price of jaw crusher

At present, there are countless domestic manufacturers of jaw crushers, and the quality of their products is also very different. The specific crushing opportunities are affected by different materials, manufacturing processes, models and other factors, and the price will vary. The low may be several thousand yuan, and the price is high. The price is only a few million. The specific equipment quotation depends on the actual demand and the manufacturer.

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Choosing a piece of equipment should be the result of comprehensive consideration. Early-stage investment, post-maintenance, production capacity, equipment quality, etc. are all considerations. The price of the new jaw crusher is slightly higher than that of the traditional jaw crusher. , From the perspective of maintenance costs, etc., if the budget allows, it is recommended to choose a new type of jaw crusher.

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