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How does the sand making machine equipment control noise?

Sand making machine equipment is a common ore powder making machine and equipment, which is widely used in various fields such as construction, building materials, chemical industry and so on. As the pace of infrastructure construction accelerates, the market prospects of sand making machine equipment are getting better and better. The sand making machine equipment developed by Dongmeng Company has very good performance characteristics. We will also explain to you later that for the noise control of the sand making machine equipment, let's take a look at it together:

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For the noise control of sand making machine equipment, the following points should be paid attention to:
1. To eliminate the noise of the sand making machine equipment, we need to look at our equipment itself. At present, our sand making machine equipment is equipped with a silencer system. Although it cannot make the sound disappear, it can reduce the use process of our sand making machine equipment. The noise from
2. When using the sand making machine equipment, we can check our equipment first to ensure that there will be no problems during our use, and the vibration is smaller, which can also indirectly reduce our noise.
3. It can make full use of the topographical conditions where the processing plant is located, by adding barriers, adding structures on tall buildings such as hills and woods to prevent the spread of noise.
4. In order to facilitate the control, the sand making machine equipment should be set far away from the office area and residential area.

From the analysis of the working principle of the sand making machine, the impeller device of the sand making machine is in full contact and impact with the material for a long time, which can easily cause the loosening of the connecting bolts, and the equipment parts after falling off are the same as the material in the working cavity. The equipment itself collides with each other and produces abnormal noise; if unbreakable objects enter the working cavity when feeding materials, they will also collide with each other inside the equipment, resulting in greater working noise. In order to ensure the smooth production of the sand making machine and prolong the service life of the equipment, the equipment should be shut down immediately for inspection when the equipment produces a lot of noise, tighten the loose bolt parts, replace the broken bolts, and check whether there is any in the working cavity Unbreakable objects should fall in, clean the working cavity, and maintain the equipment after each use of the sand making machine, and do a good job in the maintenance of the equipment.

dongmeng company’s new sand making machine equipment is developed on the basis of traditional sand making machine equipment. Not only the output and efficiency are greatly reduced, but the noise is reduced by more than 30%, and the performance is far better than the same type on the market. The sand making machine equipment is more reliable.

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