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How much is a set of equipment for sand and gravel plant? How to configure more reasonable?

Sand and gravel plant equipment is a modern automatic crushing sand making machinery used to produce machine-made sand. It is currently a relatively profitable equipment in the sand and gravel industry. With the continuous construction of urbanization projects and large-scale engineering projects in my country, The demand for sand and gravel aggregates is increasing, so investing in a sand and gravel plant is a very good opportunity to invest in profitability, so how much is a set of equipment in a gravel plant? How to configure more reasonable?

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How much is a set of equipment for sand and gravel plant?

Want to know how much a set of equipment for a sand and gravel plant is? We first need to know what are the equipment configuration of the sand and gravel plant. A complete set of sand and gravel plant equipment includes auxiliary equipment such as vibrating feeder, coarse crusher, sand making machine, vibrating screen, sand washing machine, belt conveyor, etc. Vibrating feeder: For conveying sand-making raw materials, bar feeders and flat feeders can be used. The feeder can ensure the uniformity of the feed when feeding. Coarse crusher equipment: primary crushing equipment, coarse For crushing raw materials, under normal circumstances, jaw crushing machine. Fine crushing equipment: finely crush the materials crushed by the jaw crusher to meet the feeding requirements of the sand making machine and improve the sand making efficiency of the sand making machine equipment. Generally, the impact crusher or cone crusher is used for soft materials or good grain size. Choose impact crusher and cone crusher for hard materials. Sand making machine: mainly used for finely crushing sand making and shaping. Common sand making machine equipment includes impact sand making machine, third-generation sand making machine, double-rotor sand making machine, double-roll sand making machine, reversible sand making machine, compound sand making machine, etc. The main basis for the configuration of sand making machine equipment is The user’s production needs are configured, and the crushing sand making equipment configured for different production needs is different, so the price will be different, and the price range is about 400-500 million.

How to configure more reasonable?

When purchasing sand-making equipment, it is necessary to combine different sand-making equipment according to production requirements, production output, and scale. A reasonable choice of sand production line equipment can greatly reduce investment costs. For example, if the hardness is not too high, the compressive strength of 320 MPa or less can replace the jaw crusher and the impact crusher; if the output is relatively small and the feed is relatively small, you can choose a vertical sand making machine , The third generation of fine crushing sand making machine (soft material) or roller sand making machine (hard) to make sand. This way the cost will be lower and more economical.

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