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How much is the price of 300 tons Crawler type mobile stone crusher per hour

The crusher with tire consulted by customers mainly refers to the mobile crushing station produced by the company 。 Because different customers have different demands for different raw materials and output, some customers asked how much would the price of the crusher mobile crusher, which can produce 300 tons of stone per hour?
In the previous article, we also gave a brief introduction and explanation to the customers. As the mobile gravel car mainly combines and matches the equipment according to the needs of customers, so as to find the kind suitable for customers, the price of different configurations is different. But in order to let the customer friend can have a reference, here we do several commonly used mobile gravel car price reference only as a reference.

The output of 300 tons per hour of mobile gravel truck is a relatively common production demand. The market price is between 800000 and 2000000. There are several types for reference:

1. Equipped with crawler mobile jaw crusher: market price is about 800000 yuan
Details of feeding: feeding < 550mm, discharge range: 75-150 mm
Applicable materials: limestone, granite, basalt, construction waste, iron ore, etc

mobile jaw crusher
Production advantages: jaw crusher mobile gravel truck is mainly used for coarse crushing of materials, large feeding port and strong crushing strength. The advantage of jaw crusher is that it has strong crushing capacity for large stones, so the output can easily reach 300 tons. However, the broken stone has a large range of poor particle size, so it is necessary to configure vibrating screen to classify.
2. Crawler mobile impact crusher: market price is about 1.1 million yuan
Details of feeding: feed < 500mm, discharge particle size < 30mm
Applicable materials: limestone, construction waste, gypsum, bentonite, cyanonite, granite, etc

mobile cone crusher
Production advantages: the anti breaking mobile gravel truck is mainly used for secondary crushing, which is suitable for materials with compressive strength of less than 350 MPa. After crushing by the counter crusher, it is directly into the sieve separator. The finished materials needed are screened out, which is convenient and fast, and provides 30% efficiency compared with the fixed production.
3. Crawler mobile cone crusher: market price is about 1.25 million yuan
Details of material in and out: feeding < 205mm, adjustment range of discharge port 3-51mm
Applicable materials: granite, basalt, iron ore and other high hardness materials
Production advantages: cone breaking mobile gravel car has a good advantage in crushing hard materials and superior stone particle shape. Therefore, it is also good to consider the cone crusher mobile gravel car first when the budget is sufficient.

For the above mentioned crawler Mobile crushers, the paper introduces the matching production of 300 tons per hour. Nowadays, the market competition is disorderly and chaotic. Many small manufacturers with very low price always attract customers with low price, but the equipment which is often too cheap always has problems in quality or later service. Therefore, it is also advised that customers and friends should think more and compare when they buy, and do not want to greedy for cheap, otherwise it will bring many troubles to their subsequent production.

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