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How to achieve high production capacity of the mobile cone crushing plant?

Shanghai Dongmeng Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of crushing and screening equipment. The multi-cylinder cone mobile crushing station developed by the company can adopt customized technology according to user needs. One crushing station can correspond to multiple crushing chambers and can handle different types of materials. Perform shattering. It has many advantages such as high output and good aggregate particle shape. In addition to its own reasons, reasonable operation of the equipment during the operation of the equipment can also improve the production capacity.

How to operate the cone crushing station to achieve high production

Production operation details
Uniform full-cavity feeding The full-cavity feeding in the crushing cavity can ensure the high operating power of the supporting motor, and the full-cavity feeding can make the materials in the crushing cavity come into close contact with each other, and the crushing effect of the crusher is better; through " The principle of "stone crushing" makes the liner wear more uniform, and there will be no serious wear in a certain place, no wear or light wear in a certain place, to ensure the most economical wear of the liner, improve production efficiency, and reduce production costs.
The speed of the belt conveyor is uniform. When feeding the cone crushing station, the feeding speed of the material should be in line with the crushing material speed of the cone crushing station. Strictly control the operating speed of the belt conveyor to keep the belt conveyor running at a constant speed to avoid transportation. The material is too fast to accumulate the material in the crushing cavity of the cone crushing station, which affects the crushing efficiency.
During the operation of the cone crushing station, the size of the discharge opening should be adjusted according to user needs. The discharge opening is large, the output is poor and the quality is poor; the discharge opening is small, the output is low, and the quality is good. Therefore, in actual operation, the size of the discharge opening should be adjusted reasonably to achieve high production while ensuring quality.

Replace the dust seal ring in time. Check whether the dust seal ring is functionally abnormal when replacing the liner. Generally speaking, the normal use distance between the dust seal ring and the sliding ring is less than 1.5mm. When the distance between the two is greater than the normal value, it should be Replace the dust-proof seal ring immediately to prevent dust from entering the cylinder liner and damaging the equipment.
Regularly check the crawler mobile cone crushing station, maintain and extend the life of the equipment
Regularly check the water chiller, filter and oil pump. When the equipment is in use, check whether the water chiller, filter, and oil pump have excessive oil temperature. Normally, the oil temperature of the equipment is lower than 60° during operation to ensure the high efficiency of the equipment. Operation, oil temperature higher than 60° will damage the equipment.
Check the water volume regularly. When it is found that there is no or little water, the equipment should be shut down immediately to avoid damage to the cone crushing station.
The multi-cylinder cone mobile cone crushing plant adopts laminated crushing with high efficiency, large output, high efficiency, low wear cost of wearing parts, extremely high reliability and high-quality finished material particle type. Regular maintenance during equipment operation can prolong the life of the crushing station and achieve high efficiency and high output.

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