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Mining industry: What are the characteristics of the single-cylinder cone crusher?

Cone crusher is a common equipment for fine crushing of ore. It has the advantages of strong wear resistance, large output, low energy consumption, and convenient maintenance. From the original spring cone crusher to multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, single-cylinder cone crusher, cone crusher has been continuously improved and developed in terms of structure and performance. Single-cylinder cone crushers are more and more popular among users because of their simple structure, intelligent control, gap adjustment, easy cavity cleaning and easy replacement of wearing parts.

Single Cylinder Cone Crusher

characteristics of the single-cylinder cone crusher

1. By adopting the special crushing cavity designed by the principle of intergranular lamination and the matching speed, the crushing ratio and output are significantly improved, and the content of finished material cubes is greatly increased.
2. Using hydraulic protection and hydraulic cavity cleaning, high degree of automation. This machine can hydraulically lift the top and automatically discharge the material in the event of iron overload and momentary stuffiness, which eliminates the trouble that the original spring cone crusher needs to be stopped for manual discharge, making maintenance easier and more cost-effective.
3. The crushing wall and rolling mortar wall are made of high wear-resistant materials, coupled with the change of the crushing cavity and the protection of the material layer during lamination crushing, so that the wear is reduced, and the service life of the vulnerable parts is comparable to the old-style cone crusher Increase by more than 30%.
4. Using hydraulic adjustment, thin oil lubrication, stable and reliable performance. And an effective labyrinth sealing method is adopted to avoid the defect of easy mixing of water and oil in the original spring cone crusher.

Although the structure of single-cylinder cone crusher is not as complicated as that of multi-cylinder cone crusher, it still has many more components than spring cone crusher and compound cone crusher. The main shaft of the single-cylinder cone crusher is stepped, and the movable cone is just sleeved on the main shaft and moves up and down with the main shaft to realize the adjustment of the gap between the broken walls. Single-cylinder cone crusher belongs to laminated crushing. It uses strong inertia to realize continuous extrusion of ore. Coarse-cavity single-cylinder cone crusher is similar to rotary crushing and belongs to deep-cavity crushing. The feed is generally larger than other types of cone crushers. Cylinder cone crusher can easily enter the material above 300mm, so it is very suitable for use behind large coarse crushing jaw crusher. It can solve the problem of large jaw crushing, and at the same time can release the throughput of the jaw crusher to achieve the crushing ratio of the entire production line. Reasonable distribution. The single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is suitable for hard rock crushing, mainly because it uses the extrusion of the material layer. Compared with other cone crushers, the speed is higher, the inertial impact is stronger, and the crushing ability and efficiency are very good. In recent years The sand and gravel production line becomes the recommended equipment, and it is often used even in the crushing of soft rocks such as limestone and tuff.

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