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New environmentally crawler type mobile crusher plant

The crawler type mobile crusher plant is a kind of high-efficiency crushing equipment, which can select and multi-stage crushing materials, and then screen them according to a certain discharge specification. It adopts self-driving mode, advanced technology and complete functions. It can reach any position of the work site under any terrain conditions. It is widely used in industries such as metallurgy, construction, chemical industry, railway, water conservancy and other industries that often require relocation operations.

crawler type mobile crusher plant

Four major components of Dongmeng crawler mobile crusher

1. Screening system: The crushed small particle size ore needs to be classified by a screening machine before it can be used as a finished product. Another function of the screening machine is pre-screening.
2. Feeding system: The function of the feeding system is to feed raw materials to each section of the crusher and screening machine. According to different crushing and screening process, the feeding method is also different. Vibrating feeders are usually widely used in production.
3. Conveying system: mainly used for conveying ore between all levels of crushed and screening equipment; secondly, used for returning crushed materials in a closed loop; conveying different grades of finished materials to different positions for stacking, usually in production Belt conveyors are widely used.
4. Crushing system: The crushing system is the heart of the whole set of equipment. Its job is to crush ore raw materials into finished materials with small particle sizes. Generally, jaw crushing, counterattack crushing, cone crushing, etc. are widely used in production.

Advantages of crawler type mobile crusher plant

There are multiple configurations, and users can choose their own configuration according to their own needs. According to different crushing process requirements, it can form a "first crush and then sieve" or a "first sieve and then crush" process. Crushing and sieving can also be used separately.
Convenient transportation, crawler walking, no damage to the road surface, light weight, small size, convenient for driving on the road, small turning radius, and work on these "special" places.
Reducing the cost of material transportation is mainly manifested in that the crawler mobile crusher can process materials on site. The advantage of this is that it can greatly reduce the transportation cost of materials.
The noise muffler in the crawler type mobile crusher plant, high-quality noise absorption system, compact and flexible equipment, can better meet the construction waste crushing operations in urban areas, effective dust removal system, suitable diesel engine noise emission status, and the release system can remotely control the hydraulic removal of mobile crushing For obstacles in the crawler crushing station, the pre-screening device greatly improves the crushing efficiency.

Shanghai Dongmeng is a professional manufacturer of crawler type mobile crusher plant. The equipment provided by it has excellent performance and high efficiency. In addition, the nature of direct-sale manufacturers also determines that mobile crushing equipment is more affordable and reasonable.

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