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The vibrating feeder has excellent performance and is widely used in many industries

The vibrating feeder has excellent performance and is widely used in many industries
In the production process, the vibrating feeder can feed block and granular materials from the storage bin to the receiving device evenly, regularly and continuously. In the sand and gravel production line, it can continuously and evenly feed the crushing machinery. , And coarsely screen and feed the materials, and coarsely screen the materials, which are widely used in the crushing and screening combined equipment of metallurgy, coal mine, mineral processing, building materials, chemical industry, abrasives and other industries.

vibrating feeder

The vibrating feeder is characterized by simple structure, stable vibration, uniform feeding, good continuous performance, adjustable excitation force, easy adjustment and installation, light weight, small size, and convenient maintenance. The feeding mechanism is simple, the operation is reliable, the feeding machine is easy to adjust and install, and the flow can be changed and controlled at any time, and the operation is convenient; the eccentric block is the excitation source, low noise, low power consumption, good adjustment performance, and no punching phenomenon; if adopted The enclosed body prevents dust pollution.
   The working principle of the vibrating feeder is to use the eccentric mass in the vibrator to rotate to generate centrifugal force, so that the movable parts such as the screen box and the vibrator make forced continuous circular or approximate circular motion. The materials follow the screen box for continuous throwing motion on the inclined screen surface, and continuously and uniformly send the materials to the receiving port.

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