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There are several kinds of equipment in the sand machine production line

The sand making machine production line has low operating cost, high crushing rate, energy saving, large output, low pollution, easy maintenance, and the machine-made sand produced meets the national construction sand standard. The product size is uniform, the grain shape is good, and the gradation is reasonable. The equipment required It is a combination of vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, sand making machine, vibrating screen and belt conveyor.

sand machine production line

Sand production line equipment workflow
Vibrating feeder: The crushed stone from the initial feeder is evenly supplied to the coarse crusher.
Jaw Crusher: The primary crushed stone blocks are fed evenly through the jaw crusher of the feeding hopper.
Counterattack crusher: The produced coarse material is conveyed by the belt design conveyor to the counterattack crusher for research to further improve the crushing.
Vibrating screen: The stone is sent to the vibrating screen by a belt conveyor, and the stones are screened in several different sizes. The gravel meets the size requirements of the finished pile to be sent by the belt conveyor; the stone does not meet the belt material and returns to the conveyor crusher for crushing again The size requirements.
Sand making machine: The stones that meet the requirements of different particle sizes are sent to the sand making machine by the finished protective belt conveyor, and the rocks, mine tailings or industrial production waste slag particles with a particle size generally less than 4.75mm are prepared by the sand making machine, that is, management Machine-made sand.
After being processed by the sand making machine, the stone material is sent to the vibrating screen. After screening, the finished product library is output. During the screening process management, dust will continue to be generated. The dust collector is designed to avoid the problem of dust environmental pollution. The dust enters the dust collector through the classifier.

Sand making machine production line equipment manufacturers

The new sand making machine equipment produced by Shanghai Dongmeng is a new type of sand making machine equipment, which can realize the one-second adjustment of medium sand and fine sand. It is equipped with an automatic lubrication system and a frequency conversion control system. It has a high degree of automation, low investment cost, and production Features such as high efficiency. Dongmeng can provide a complete set of machine-made sand production lines, so that you can purchase one-stop, no longer waste time and energy, Shanghai Dongmeng will also provide you with a full range of technical support in sand making.

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