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What are the characteristics of cone crushers?

Cone crusher is widely used in the crushing industry, and has been highly praised by customers. The types of cone crusher include spring cone crusher, hydraulic cone crusher and high efficiency cone crusher. So what are the characteristics of these types of cone crushers?

the characteristics of cone crushers?

First, the characteristics of spring cone crusher. Generally speaking, we refer to cone crusher, especially spring cone crusher. If the equipment is overloaded due to the non crushing material accumulation, the device can use spring device to increase the ore discharge port, so that foreign matters can be discharged from the crushing cavity. If foreign matter is stuck at the discharge port, the cavity cleaning system can also be used to increase the discharge port to discharge foreign matters. After the foreign matter is discharged, the discharge port will automatically recover under the action of spring. Spring cone crushers are also divided into coarse crushing, medium crushing and fine crushing spring cone crushers. At the same time, they can also be called cycle cone crushers, standard cone crushers and short head cone crushers.

Secondly, the characteristics of hydraulic cone crusher. This equipment is a new type of equipment which integrates the advantages of various crushing cavities, and has a variety of crushing cavity types for users to choose. By selecting the appropriate crushing cavity and eccentric distance, it can meet the needs of users' maximum output. And the hydraulic cone crusher in the full feeding, can achieve layer crushing, crushing particle size is more perfect. Hydraulic cone crusher is divided into multi cylinder hydraulic cone crusher and single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher.

Finally, the characteristics of high efficiency cone crusher. High efficiency cone crusher has the world's advanced water products, is the perfect combination of crushing speed and eccentricity and high-performance crushing cavity, its production efficiency and crushing capacity are very high, and the use range is very wide. Due to the unique optimized structure, the unique crushing principle and the multi-point layered hydraulic system, the high-efficiency hydraulic cone crusher has the characteristics of good stone quality, high efficiency, large production capacity and stable overall performance.
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