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What are the main advantages of hydraulic cone crushers

The spring safety device of the spring cone crusher is not perfect. In production practice, it often fails to provide insurance and is likely to cause major accidents such as broken shafts. Moreover, the adjustment of the discharge port is very inconvenient. The hydraulic cone crusher has made great improvements to the above problems, which reduces the downtime of the equipment in operation, and can bring higher benefits to the user's production. At present, hydraulic cone crushers are commonly used in foreign countries. So, What are the main advantages of hydraulic cone crushers?

Multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is a kind of high-energy and high-efficiency cone crusher. It is famous for its external commercial insurance structure and its selection of multiple hydraulic cylinders. At this stage, there are two types of multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crushers that are common on the Chinese sales market. The external structure is similar, but the internal structure is very far apart.

hydraulic cone crusher
The real multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher has unique structure, small size, large output power, high speed ratio, high working efficiency, laminated crushing, and high quality of finished products. The internal structure of the pseudo-multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is still the internal structure of the yellow cone crusher. Although the commercial safety bomb is replaced by hydraulic cylinders and accumulators, its characteristics are still the same as those of the yellow cone crusher, with large volume and high height. The efficiency is low, the non-laminated layer is broken, and the finished product has poor grain shape.
The multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher can be used in the mining, concrete, sand, metallurgical and other manufacturing industries for the crushing rate and crushing of raw materials. It is mainly used in river pebbles, dolomite, dolomite, granite, and flow lines. Rock, gabbro, limestone and other engineering construction sandstone crushing and gray-black metal mines, rare metal mines and other metal materials iron ore crushing. It has the following characteristics and advantages.

the main advantages of hydraulic cone crushers

Optimized structure, high efficiency: choose the unique structure of the spindle to be fixed, stop rotating around the spindle, improve the transmission system components and internal structure design, the machine equipment has strong bearing capacity, one-button installation, large output power, and small size , High efficiency, low noise.
Full hydraulic adjustment, convenient and reliable: The full hydraulic operation is used to control the machinery and equipment from commercial insurance cleaning to adjustment and clamping. All use hydraulic actual operation, which is more stable and reliable in work, convenient in actual operation, and reduces shutdown time. In addition, Able to complete the actual operation of fully automated technology.
Hydraulic lubrication integration, machine equipment operation automation technology: equipped with an integrated hydraulic air intake system and centralized automation technology intelligent automatic control system, which saves the capital investment cost of hydraulic lubrication. In addition, real-time monitoring of machine equipment operation Circumstances ensure the safe and stable operation of machinery and equipment, and the actual operation of machinery and equipment is more assured and effortless.

Mechanical integration, flexible cavity type change: equipped with crushing rate and crushing cavity type, only need to dismantle and replace a small amount of parts such as the relative cavity type wear-resistant liner, you can change in the middle of the cavity type, considering the crushing rate and crushing The processing technology requirements, complete a machine to be used.

supper hydraulic cone crusher
Shanghai Dongmeng is a specialized large-scale crushing equipment direct sales manufacturer. Unlike other manufacturers, when users choose to purchase, we will send professional and technical personnel to conduct on-site inspections on the customer’s production site, according to the production scale, output, and discharge specifications. , Cost investment and other factors to recommend suitable types of hydraulic cone crusher equipment for customers, or for users with special production needs, we can also tailor them according to their own needs to ensure that customers can use less Invest to obtain high economic benefits.

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