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What are the production advantages of construction waste mobile crusher equipment?

Construction waste can be seen everywhere, which not only affects the beauty of the town, but also brings inconvenience to the lives of residents. In order to solve this problem, the mining machinery industry has launched a mobile crusher for construction waste. The construction waste mobile crusher equipment can be moved and crushed, turning waste into treasure and realizing resource recycling.

construction waste

Performance advantages of construction waste mobile crusher

1. Since the construction waste mobile crushing equipment can be moved by itself, the customer can drive away directly after signing the contract, and start the working mode after a simple trial operation after arrival.
2. In the early stage of using traditional fixed crushing equipment, it needs to be stacked on site, and then installed and debugged. Therefore, every construction waste site transfer requires time to prepare. Then, the rapid mobility of construction waste from the mobile crusher overcomes this problem well. Customers can achieve rapid transition and rapid production.
3. Compared with traditional materials, construction waste has the characteristics of complex structure, variable performance, and irregular shape. This requires equipment with stronger crushing ability to complete the treatment of construction waste. In view of this, the crushing equipment assembled by this equipment adopts a crusher, which has a large crushing rate and strong crushing capacity.
4. The growth rate of construction waste is very fast. The mobile crusher can process garbage in time only if it has a strong crushing ability. The equipment adopts imported jaw crusher with full crushing power and impact crusher cone crusher for auxiliary crushing operation.
5. The area of ​​construction waste is large. Because concrete and steel bars are separated from each other and are located in residential areas, it is difficult to move construction waste. This mobile crusher device just solves this problem, it can move freely under the traction of the front of the car. The customer only needs to drive the construction waste crusher to the garbage station, and then it can be crushed.

Construction waste mobile crushing equipment

When using a mobile crusher to dispose of construction waste, attention should be paid to screening. There may be materials that cannot be crushed. These materials should be cleaned out to avoid impact on the machine during crushing. During the crushing process, pay attention to checking the discharge of materials. For example, whether the discharged particles are uniform, if it is not ideal, or the discharge is slow, check whether there is blockage or whether the screening device is damaged after shutting down. When using the crusher, the crusher should be operated safely, and the rotating part of the machine should not be touched by hand, and the use of vulnerable parts should be checked regularly to improve the crushing effect of construction waste. Compared with some fixed crushers, the most obvious advantage of the mobile crusher is that it can be easily moved to any crushing site. The bottom is equipped with tires, which can crush the materials with fluidity and avoid the materials being transported away from the site and then crushed. Links, reducing the transportation cost of raw materials, is a new high-efficiency crusher. The mobile crusher adopts a vehicle-mounted chassis with a small width radius. It can walk on ordinary roads and stone sites, and can be crushed in the raw material field. This greatly reduces the intermediate links of raw material crushing that need to be transported, and the position can be adjusted at any time. Improve the efficiency of crushing.

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