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What is a limestone crusher?Reasonably priced limestone crusher

Limestone, known as calcium carbonate (the main component of limestone) in the field of chemical industry, is CaCO3; Limestone can be divided into quicklime and hydrated lime, which is widely used in construction and many industrial fields. With a large number of limestone mining and use, limestone crusher came into being. What is a limestone crusher? Limestone crusher is a kind of crusher mainly used to deal with all kinds of limestone. Limestone crusher is a kind of equipment which can crush 600-1800mm materials into 25mm or smaller ones.

limestone crusher jaw crusher

Types of limestone crushers
Jaw crusher: it is generally used in the coarse crushing stage of the production line, with large crushing force and crushing ratio, wide application range and many materials. It can be used for high hardness materials such as granite or materials below medium hardness of limestone; Stable performance and low failure rate.
Heavy hammer crusher: it is especially suitable for crushing limestone and materials with compressive strength lower than 200MPa and medium hardness. When the particle size of raw material is less than 1200mm, it can realize "one-time forming", which can reduce the cost for users. A single crusher can complete crushing and shaping, and the finished product has good particle size.
Cone crusher: commonly used equipment in fine crushing stage, which adopts the principle of laminated crushing and has strong processing capacity; It has the same advantages as jawbone: large crushing force, in addition, it also has the characteristics of automation and intelligence, high production safety and good environmental performance. It is suitable for customers with hard materials, high output requirements but low grain size requirements.
Impact crusher: it adopts the striking operation principle, which is suitable for crushing materials with compressive strength lower than 350Mpa. The finished products are cube shaped, with less stone powder and good quality. The wear resistance of vulnerable parts is improved, the operation cost is effectively reduced, and the finished products have good grain shape.
Impact crusher (sand making machine): it can be used not only in sand making production line, but also in stone processing to improve the quality of stones, with large output, high efficiency and long maintenance period.

Limestone crusher commonly used are limestone jaw crusher, limestone impact crusher, limestone cone crusher, limestone hammer crusher and other crusher equipment. The working principle of limestone crusher is: when working, driven by the motor, the rotor rotates at a high speed, the material enters the crushing chamber for crushing, collides with the plate hammer on the rotor for crushing, then enters the second fine crushing chamber for crushing, and then discharges from the discharge port.
Shanghai Dongmeng has been engaged in the design, R & D, manufacturing and sales of this kind of crushing equipment for many years. At present, a series of mine crushing and screening equipment, such as cone crusher, jaw crusher, impact crusher, impact crusher, sand making machine, vibrating screen, sand washing machine, are favored by new and old customers at home and abroad. Our company also warmly welcomes new and old customers to consult or purchase.

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