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What is the difference between a cone crusher and a jaw crusher

Jaw crusher is a crushing equipment designed for various hardness rocks, mainly suitable for coarse crushing and medium crushing. The crushing cavity of the jaw crusher is composed of two jaw plates, a movable jaw and a static jaw. The material is crushed mainly by the bending and squeezing of the two jaw plates. When the movable jaw is close to the static jaw, the material is crushed; When the movable jaw leaves the static jaw, the crushed materials are discharged from the lower mouth of the crushing cavity.

jaw crusher
The jaw breaker has a wear-resistant, pressure-resistant dynamic and static jaw plate, which simulates animal bite during operation, and has a large feed inlet, which is very suitable for rough crushing operations of some large bulk materials;
1. Wide application: It can crush various types of stones, such as the more common river pebbles and limestone, which can be used for primary crushing by jaw crushing;
2. Small size, saving floor space: Different from other crushing equipment, the jaw crusher is more convenient in installation due to its small size. The infrastructure site used is also small, which can save users a lot of site costs.
Due to its strong crushing capacity and simple operation, jaw crushers have been widely used in industrial sectors such as mineral processing, building materials, silicates and ceramics.

The cone crusher has superior performance and is mainly suitable for medium and fine crushing operations, so the product size is more uniform. The cone crushing cavity has various designs. Users can choose different cavity types according to different needs. Among them, the standard cavity is suitable for medium crushing, the medium type is suitable for fine crushing, and the short head type is suitable for ultrafine crushing. In addition, most of the current cone crushers use hydraulic systems, which are easy to use and maintain.

cone crusher
What is the difference between jaw crusher and cone crusher? A closer look will reveal the difference:
1 From the perspective of volume: the jaw crusher is small in size, and the crushing cavity is easy to see from the appearance that it is different from the cone crusher; the cone crusher equipment is larger;
2 In terms of processing materials: Jaw crushers are suitable for a variety of materials with different hardness, such as pebbles, granite, limestone, etc.; while cone crushers are more suitable for materials with higher hardness;
3 From the perspective of crushing level: the jaw crusher has a larger feed port, which is suitable for primary crushing, also known as coarse crushing; while the cone crusher has a relatively small feed port and is often used for secondary crushing of materials;
4 From the scope of application: There are many types of jaw crushers, which can be used in various large, medium and small gravel plants; while cone crushers are more suitable for large and medium-sized gravel plants;
Which price is more affordable for jaw crusher or cone crusher?
The price of the two equipment is more dependent on the manufacturing cost of the manufacturer, the processing capacity of the equipment itself, and the difference in the types of jaw crushers and cone crushers, which will also affect the price of the equipment; 

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