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What is the difference between a granite crusher and a stone crusher?

What is the difference between a granite crusher and a stone crusher? Granite crusher, limestone crusher, basalt crusher, etc. are called by users according to different material requirements. In fact, it refers to the equipment we commonly use to crush these stones, such as spring cones. Machine, single-cylinder hydraulic cone machine, sand making machine, etc. Take granite as an example. Granite is one of the most commonly used stone materials.

What are the mechanical equipment of granite crusher?
   Granite is also a harder stone, so the choice of equipment is particularly important. If the quality of the equipment is lower, there may be problems with accessories after running for less than a month. When choosing equipment, we need to choose crusher machinery that can crush a little higher hardness. Among the many crushers, jaw crushers, springs or hydraulic cone crushers stand out. These equipments are more suitable for crushing granite. The following is an introduction for you:
  1. Jaw crusher:

granite crusehr jaw crusher
As a rough crushing equipment, the jaw crusher has a simple design and adopts the principle of squeeze crushing. It can crush a variety of materials, whether it is high-hardness granite or limestone with less hardness. Better; the crushing cavity is larger, the crushing ratio is large, the output can reach 1000t/h, and there are more models to choose from, suitable for all kinds of large, medium and small gravel plants; if you produce more than 100 tons per hour, coarse crushing is also possible Consider a gyratory crusher.
  2, cone crusher

Cone crusher
  Cone crusher As mentioned above, there are two types: spring cone crusher and hydraulic cone crusher. In the past two years, single-cylinder hydraulic cone crushers are very popular. Many users purchase Shuangjin Machinery’s 1800 single-cylinder cone crushers. Most of them are used in medium and large production lines. Spring cone crushers are sufficient for general production lines. The appearance of cone crusher looks very large, the output is also high, the price will be higher, and it is generally suitable for use in large and medium-sized gravel fields;

How much is the price of granite crusher machinery and equipment
  The price of granite crusher machinery and equipment varies according to the price of different equipment, plus the choice of different granite crusher machinery and equipment models, equipment specifications, output and prices are different. There is also a difference in price between the purchase of equipment for a single machine and the entire production line. Generally speaking, the choice of equipment cannot only choose a granite crusher mechanical equipment. Generally, you will choose equipment for a production line. In addition to the main equipment mentioned above, There are some auxiliary equipment such as feeders, conveyors, screening equipment and so on. If the configuration is high, the price will be high.
Shanghai Dongmeng crusher manufacturer has thousands of production line design experience, and can configure equipment for you free of charge. As a large-scale mining equipment direct sales manufacturer on the market, the granite crusher machinery and equipment produced is directly delivered to the customer. There is no middleman to make the difference, and the price is nearly 10% cheaper than other manufacturers; and Shanghai Dongmeng produces granite crushers. The wearing parts of mechanical equipment are made of wear-resistant high manganese steel and high chromium cast iron, and the quality of the equipment is relatively good; if necessary, please leave a message below

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