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What is the purpose of cone crusher?

Cone crushers have become a widely used crushing equipment and play an important role in many industrial fields. At the same time, the structure and performance of the equipment are still under continuous development. Cone crushers are widely used in the mining industry, metallurgical industry, Construction industry, road construction industry, chemical industry and silicate industry.

purpose of cone crusher

According to the scope of use, cone crushers are divided into three types: coarse crushing, medium crushing and fine crushing. Coarse crushing cone crushers are also called gyratory crushers, and medium crushing and fine crushing cone crushers are also called fungus cone crushers. The gyratory crusher is a kind of coarse crushing equipment, which is mainly used for coarse crushing of various hardness ore in the beneficiation industry and other industrial sectors. The fungus crusher is mainly used as a medium crushing and fine crushing equipment for various hardness ores. Cone crusher has the characteristics of large crushing force, high efficiency, high processing capacity, low operating cost, convenient adjustment and economic use. This series of cone crushers are divided into coarse crushing cone crushers, medium crushing cone crushers and fine crushing cone crushers (cone crushers). The crushing cavity type is determined by the use of the ore. The standard type is used for medium crushing; the medium type is suitable for medium and fine crushing; The short head type is suitable for fine crushing. Can be purchased according to different needs of users.

Structural characteristics of cone crusher
1. The machine is compact in structure and high in production efficiency. It adopts bowl-shaped bearings with high precision reserves, and adopts a centralized thin oil lubrication system. When the size of the discharge port needs to be adjusted, the hydraulic station can be started and adjusted by pushing the cylinder. When the crushed material enters the crushing cavity, the spring safety device can protect the equipment from damage.
2. This machine adopts grease sealing method, which can avoid the phenomenon of water and oil mixing caused by improper operation. When the seal is worn, it can automatically compensate due to the action of the spring, and the seal is still attached and continues to play a sealing function. When the seal wear is about 1/4-1/3 of the original thickness, the seal must be replaced.
When unbreakable foreign matter passes through the crushing cavity or the machine is overloaded for some reason, the spring safety system realizes insurance. The discharge port increases and the foreign matter is discharged from the crushing cavity. If the foreign matter is stuck in the ore discharge, the cavity cleaning system can be used to continue the discharge. Enlarge, so that foreign matter is removed from the crushing cavity. Under the action of the spring, the discharge port is automatically reset and the machine resumes normal operation.

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