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Which granite crusher is easy to use? Which crusher is good for granite crushing?

   Granite crushed as a raw material for infrastructure is one of the better raw materials. It has high hardness and is easy to form cubes after crushing. Therefore, many sand and gravel plants need granite crushers. Compared with other materials, such as limestone, shale, etc., granite has high hardness and abrasion resistance, which is a hard rock material that is difficult to process. Therefore, the requirements for the selection of its crushing equipment are very strict. Both the impact crusher and the cone crusher are commonly used secondary sand and gravel crushing equipment. Is it better to use impact crusher or cone crusher for fine granite crushing?

Impact crusher of granite crusher

The impact crusher is mainly suitable for crushing materials with low hardness and brittleness. It has the characteristics of large crushing ratio and excellent treatment effect. The rock material after it has been processed is cubic particles with less needle-like content and good grain shape. Machine use.

Cone crusher for granite crusher

The cone crusher has the characteristics of safety and reliability, high production efficiency, convenient adjustment, and economical use. It is suitable for crushing various ores and rocks with medium hardness and above. It is a typical secondary crushing equipment.

Which impact crusher or cone crusher should be used for fine granite crushing?
Whether to use impact crusher for fine granite crushing? Or cone crusher? Cone crusher is recommended here. The specific recommended reasons are as follows:
1. Although the counterattack crushing stone is good, it will cause great abrasion on the counterattack broken wear parts when dealing with the crushing operation of high-hardness materials such as granite, which requires the user to constantly replace the vulnerable parts, which not only reduces Production efficiency also increases investment costs, so it is not a wise idea to use counterattack to complete the granite crushing operation.
2. Compared with the counterattack crusher, the processing capacity of the cone crusher is stronger. It will not produce excessive wear when crushing high-hardness materials, and the output is high, which can create higher economic benefits for investors. Therefore, the cone crusher is It is a good choice to replace impact crusher for fine granite crushing.
  Of course, the actual situation is different for different customers. In some initial investment, in order to save costs, the price of impact crusher and cone crusher and the later use cost will be comprehensively considered. Specifically, you can consult our technical staff before purchasing to provide you with a reasonable plan for reference. Information label in this article: Which granite crusher is easy to use, and which crusher is good for granite crushing?

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