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aggregate crusher types,How to Choose Stone Crusher Machine's Type

The aggregate crusher is a machine designed to grind or crush various types of rocks into relatively uniform pieces. Aggregate crushers are used in mining, quarrying and recycling operations. There are several types of crushers that can accomplish this task, including hammer crushers, drum crushers, jaw crushers and rotary crushers. Aggregate crushers can be relatively small, like mobile devices that recycle recycled asphalt, or large machines that can process thousands of tons of material a day.

aggregate crushers

Aggregate crusher is used to produce gravel for landscaping. The hammer crusher is a machine with a rotating shaft, equipped with a free swinging hammer. The component is closed by a drum and fed by a hopper. The screen keeps the material in the drum until the rotating hammer crushes it into pieces of the required size. These types of aggregate crushers are commonly used to produce crushed stone for greening or to process recycled asphalt. Hammer mills are sometimes called impact crushers.

The quarry usually uses aggregate crushers to crush rocks or stones. Jaw crushers are the most commonly used aggregate crushers for large-scale mining or quarrying operations. The jaw crusher is designed to crush large ore or rock jaws between two plates. One jaw plate is fixed, and the other jaw plate is installed so that the two jaw plates form a V shape. The second jaw plate moves back and forth relative to the first jaw plate, crushing the material as it moves downwards until the fragments are small enough to fall from the opening of the V-shaped point. Usually in series, gradually reduce the particle size. Another type of crusher used to crush softer rocks (such as sandstone) is a roller mill. The rough rock is fed into a mechanical device consisting of a drum usually equipped with teeth. The rotary crusher is interlocked with the teeth on the other drum as it rotates. These teeth grab the rocks to be broken and press them between the rollers, where they are crushed and then transported from the other side. Rotary crushers are also used as aggregate crushers. These types of crushers are similar to jaw crushers, but use a cone-shaped hopper, which has a smaller cone-shaped crushing head, which rotates in an eccentric motion rather than a rotating manner inside the hopper, crushing the raw materials until the particles Small enough to fall through the opening at the bottom. The cone crusher is very similar to the rotary crusher, but the crushing chamber is usually designed as a slope with a small slope.

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