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application of jaw crusher

Jaw crusher is abbreviated as jaw crusher. It is an earlier crushing equipment. Because of its simple structure, sturdiness, reliable work, easy maintenance and repair, and relatively low production and construction costs, jaw crushers are still widely used until now.

The scope of application of jaw crusher.

1. Application of jaw crusher in cement industry: It is very common for cement plants to use jaw crusher, because the cement produced by this equipment is not only uniform in particle size, but also difficult to adhere to the inner wall of the crushing cavity of the equipment, so that it reduces The jam time.
2. Application of jaw crusher in the construction industry: jaw crusher is more widely used in the construction industry, such as the raw material crushing process of cement production, the application of concrete production and the recycling of construction waste, etc. In short, the construction industry is steadily The development of the jaw crusher is indispensable and cannot be ignored.
3. The application of jaw crusher in municipal engineering: the jaw crusher is used in conjunction with construction waste treatment equipment. It is a perfect match in crushing equipment. It can also be used to process urban waste and garbage for resource recycling. Various hard-to-break materials such as glass, waste tires and other items can be initially crushed
4. Application of jaw crusher in mining industry: the mining of stone must undergo certain crushing treatment, while the jaw crusher is an important equipment for primary crushing. It has simple structure, convenient use and maintenance; large crushing ratio, uniform product size; performance Stability, use, low noise, less dust, etc., can truly meet the needs of different customers, so it has always been favored by customers.

Jaw crusher performance characteristics

1. Jaw crushers are all made with the world's advanced manufacturing technology and selected high-end production materials.
2. The jaw crusher bearing seat adopts an integral cast steel structure, which can ensure complete matching with the crushing frame, and at the same time greatly enhance the radial strength of the bearing seat, while the split bearing seat does not have this advantage.
3. Using finite element analysis technology, the equipment has higher working intensity, which helps to improve production efficiency.
4. The adjustment of the discharge opening is faster and more convenient. The jaw crusher is equipped with a wedge discharge opening adjustment device, which is simpler, safer and faster than the old gasket adjustment.
5. Choose bearings with larger specifications and higher carrying capacity. Hongtao jaw crushers are equipped with eccentric shaft bearings that are larger and more durable than other crushers of the same specification. Their higher carrying capacity and effective sealed bearings greatly extend their life.
6. Dongmeng jaw crusher adopts tooth-shaped guard plate, which increases the effective length of jaw plate and has higher output.

The jaw crusher is suitable for processing various coarse, medium and fine materials (granite, limestone, concrete, raw coal, etc.) whose side length does not exceed 500mm and the compressive strength does not exceed 350 MPa.
Jaw crusher is used for crushing stone, sand making, and coal production line. The crusher has the characteristics of large crushing ratio, high output, uniform product size, simple structure, reliable work, simple maintenance, and economical operating costs. It is used in industrial and mining production. One of the most commonly used mine crushing equipment


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