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china compound crusher factory

The compound crusher is abbreviated as compound crusher. It is one of the general equipment in sand production line and crushing production line. The compound crusher manufactured by China compound crusher factory-Shanghai Dongmeng has large output, large crushing ratio, low energy consumption, stable operation, and structural principles. Simple, convenient operation and maintenance, etc., widely used in the fine crushing of raw meal and clinker in cement plants, and can also be used in dolomite, coke gemstone, lead-zinc ore, serpentine, blast furnace slag, coal gangue, phosphate rock, etc. The fine crushing operation of hard materials is especially suitable for artificial sand making such as hard limestone, dolomite, granite, basalt or the processing and crushing of highway pavement stones.

dmc compound crusher factory

performance advantages of china compound crusher factory

1. High performance of components: Redstar composite crusher manufacturer integrates the advantages of similar equipment in composite crushing. In addition, the structure of the rotor body of the equipment is special. When crushing materials, the rotor body is hardly damaged and its performance is very high. In addition, a layer of wear-resistant crushing blades are used, which are durable and have strong wear resistance. The crushed materials fall downward under their own weight.
2. Advanced technology: It adopts elastic adjustment, when it encounters unbreakable objects into the machine, it will automatically discharge to protect the equipment from damage, and adopt advanced sealing device to prevent floating dust in the air when it is broken , And no material phenomenon occurs, which improves the environment of the workplace.
3. Convenient maintenance and replacement: The composite crusher can easily replace the wearing parts. There is a screw rod or hydraulic opening mechanism in the back cavity, so the main equipment is not needed when replacing it. In addition, an observation door is installed on the equipment, through which the inside of the machine can be conveniently observed, which has the advantages of easy operation and simple maintenance.
4. High safety device: Because the equipment adopts elastic adjustment device, it will automatically discharge when encountering unbreakable objects entering the machine during work, so as to protect the equipment from damage, thus saving the time of shutdown and inspection. On the whole, the compound crusher is affordable, and the operating investment cost is low, making it suitable for investment.

Shanghai Dongmeng china compound crusher factory lamination crushing principle, good discharge particle shape

compound crusher production line

1. Change the crushing principle of the conventional crusher and adopt the lamination crushing principle to increase the force of mutual extrusion and rubbing of the materials in each stroke, increase the content of cubes in the finished product, and reduce the pin-flaky shape. content;
2. Due to the laminated crushing principle, the interaction force between the material and the crushing wall is weakened, thereby reducing the wear of the equipment, prolonging the service life of the wear-resistant parts, and reducing the customer's operating cost.
The cone crusher has various cavity types. According to user needs, only the fixed cone liner and the movable cone liner need to be replaced. The shape of the crushing cavity can be changed from standard ultra-thick cavity to short-head ultra-fine cavity at will, with strong adaptability;
The DC series compound cone crusher adopts a unique structure of dry oil seal to prevent dust, and the sealing effect is reliable, avoiding dust from entering the lubrication system, ensuring a clean working environment for the lubricating system, and prolonging the replacement cycle of lubricating oil and bearings, bearings, and gears. The service life of other parts.

working principle

The DC composite cone crushing cone performs a swing motion under the action of the eccentric sleeve, driving the crushing wall to squeeze and crush the material between the wall of the mortar and the rolling mortar wall. According to the lamination theory, the material is subjected to multiple directions The texture of itself is broken and polished to form stable stone particles, which fall from the swing gap of the broken wall that meets the discharge requirements, and the rest of the materials continue to be broken until the requirements are met.

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