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crawler mobile screening plant for sale

The mobile screening crusher is a kind of mobile crusher developed by our factory based on market demand, also called mobile screening crusher. The mobile screening crusher is a mobile equipment that integrates the functions of the crusher and the screening machine. Different types of crushers and screening machines can be configured according to the production needs, which can meet the various needs of customers. The equipment is exported to Russia, Kazakhstan, Outer Mongolia, Azerbaijan, North Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Turkey, Iran, Canada and other countries and regions.

mobile screening site

Advantages of Mobile Screening Crushing Plant

The crushing station can reach the site directly, occupying a small area

The mobile screening and crushing station can directly select the site and drive directly to the site without transportation, and directly reach the finished product size. Especially suitable for small crushing sites, suitable for construction waste treatment and construction waste crushing.

Reduce cost and increase efficiency

The mobile screening crusher greatly reduces the investment cost at the same time, but increases the investment income. It can also be used with the crusher to work together.

Small turning radius, adapt to harsh road environment

The mobile screening and crushing station (mobile screening crusher) adopts a vehicle-mounted chassis. When designing, the width of the chassis is smaller than that of an operating semi-trailer. When turning, the radius is small, which is very convenient for driving on ordinary roads and is suitable for harsh stone materials. Fields and mine sites are more conducive to the construction of foreign roads (rail), mining, stone crushing and other construction projects.

High screening efficiency

It has high screening efficiency, multi-functionality, and a lightweight and reasonable structure design. This greatly ensures that both the feeding and discharging places of the equipment can be in an economical position, reducing equipment investment and effectively reducing equipment costs.


Working principle of mobile screening crusher

The mobile screening crusher is driven by external electric power to drive the host and auxiliary motors. After the material is uniformly transported to the cone crusher by the feeder for preliminary crushing, the closed circuit system is formed through the circular vibrating screen to realize the cyclic crushing of the material, and the finished material is output by the conveyor. The tire cone crusher + vibrating screen mobile crushing station can remove the circular vibrating screen according to actual production needs, and realize the direct preliminary crushing of the crushed materials. It is convenient and flexible to use with other crushing equipment.

As a high-yield mobile screening equipment, the mobile screening crusher mainly adopts self-driving mode in the structural design, with advanced technology and complete functions. Moreover, under any terrain conditions, this equipment can reach any position of the work site to complete the high-yield crushing and screening of materials.

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