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The hydraulic cone crusher mainly crushes stones by bending and extrusion. It is a secondary crushing equipment commonly used in a variety of ore crushing production lines. The hydraulic cone crusher is different from the traditional cone crusher in that it integrates a hydraulic protection system to achieve safe and high output. For operation, different numbers of hydraulic cylinders can be configured. Hydraulic cone crusher has strong anti-wear ability and is suitable for crushing various medium and high hardness ores, such as common pebbles, river pebbles, granite, iron ore, quartz stone, etc. It is easy to maintain in the later stage and has low operating costs. The finished products are widely used in construction. , Building materials, infrastructure, cement and other departments.

hydraulic cone crusher structure

The spring safety device of the spring cone crusher is not perfect. In production practice, it often fails to provide insurance and is likely to cause major accidents such as broken shafts. Moreover, the adjustment of the discharge port is very inconvenient. The hydraulic cone crusher has been greatly improved on the above problems, which reduces the downtime of the equipment during operation and can bring higher benefits to the user's production. At present, hydraulic cone crushers are commonly used in foreign countries.

The working principle of hydraulic cone crusher structure

The hydraulic cone crusher is the same as the eccentric cone crusher. It also includes fixed cones and moving cones. The cones are all attached with wear-resistant liners, but they are essentially different in principle, especially in the generation of crushing force. In the hydraulic cone crusher, the crushing force is not determined by the hardness of the material and the crushing filling rate like the eccentric cone crusher, but most of the crushing force comes from the inertial force generated when the vibration exciter rotates, making the moving cone and the fixed cone The relative movement that is also separated from each other causes the material to be subjected to multiple combined forces such as impact, squeeze, and shear. Since there is no rigid connection between the crushing system and the transmission system, the swing range of the moving cone is not limited. When there is no material in the crushing cavity, the inner cone will roll along the edge of the outer cone. When there is material in the crushing cavity, the inner cone will roll along the material layer.

The material to be crushed stays in the crushing cavity for a few seconds, during which it is affected by the crushing body for more than 30 times. The trajectory of the moving cone can change direction according to the different compressive resistance of the material. Each rolling circle is accompanied by more than 100 new pulsating impacts. Strengthen the crushing effect. In the process of movement, the direction vector of the force is constantly changed between the particles, resulting in forced self-crushing conditions. As a result, the stronger grains are crushed by the smaller grains.
Shanghai Dongmeng is a large-scale and strong mining machinery and equipment manufacturer in the domestic market. It provides users with 300 tons of hydraulic cone crushers per hour and more specifications and models of equipment. Users can choose according to actual production needs. The equipment is affordable and the quality is excellent, guaranteeing the satisfaction of every user.

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