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mobile cone crusher for sale south africa

This is a client of mobile cone crusher for sale south africa. He has been engaged in diamond and gold mining for many years and is an authentic old businessman in South Africa. The salesmen and customers of Dongmeng Company met at a machinery exhibition. Customers found us at the exhibition and consulted about the mining and screening of gold mines. The foreign trade salesman introduced the principle and specifications of the ore crushing and screening of the crawler mobile cone crusher in detail.

After we introduced and analyzed the advantages of the equipment, the friendly South African businessman asked us to customize the crushing and screening equipment according to his needs. We quickly recommended our mobile cone crusher to him based on the properties of the ore.

In this cooperation, the enthusiasm and meticulousness of the foreign trade personnel; the quality and efficiency of the equipment left a deep impression on the customers.
basic situation
Project location: South Africa
Aggregate size: 2-10mm, 10-18mm, 18-25mm
Collection equipment: mobile impact crusher, mobile cone crusher, mobile horizontal vibrating screen, mobile conveyor
Production capacity: 800 tons/day

mobile cone crusher for sale south africa

mobile cone crusher for sale south africa

Process introduction

Equipment customization: mobile impact crusher + mobile cone crusher + mobile conveyor combined crushing plan.
In addition to being relatively soft, the ore also contains a lot of impurities. After being crushed by a mobile impact crusher, it is transported back to the feed inlet by a waste belt for secondary screening and crushing.
The obtained ore and stones are then finely crushed by a mobile cone crusher for gold ore.
Since there is a lot of waste after ore crushing, the use of a mobile horizontal vibrating screen can greatly reduce the waste of finished aggregates.

Project advantages introduction

Investors have higher requirements for the construction period of the project, and a little requirement for the production process and the value of the finished raw materials. In order to improve the value of customer investment and the progress of the project, we send excellent technicians to conduct on-site inspections, which is more conducive to the development of project management The advantages of all parties to achieve the goals of project management. Highly praised by customers.
Mature technology, advanced technology, reliable equipment
The use of international advanced and mature forging technology greatly improves the reliability of the equipment, enabling the equipment to operate efficiently and stably in any environment.
Adjust measures to local conditions and smooth production
In the design and construction of the mobile cone crusher for sale south africa project, the engineers inspected the local environment and geographical location, adjusted the entire plan according to local conditions, and the entire production site was compact and reasonable, and the production line was smooth and simple.

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