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mobile crusher and screening plant

At present, countries around the world are increasing their efforts to protect the environment, making the treatment of urban construction waste more important, and the economic means to manage construction waste is also increasing. No matter what kind of policy is affected, the final method of processing construction waste is generally to use mobile crushing and screening plant equipment, which is crushed and screened for reuse.

2021 dongmeng mobile crusher and screening plant

The production of construction waste crushers also promotes the long-term and stable development of the environmental protection industry. The recycling of construction waste is an economic activity that is unprofitable or meager. The government should establish a policy support and encouragement system. On the one hand, it exempts taxes on investment and industrial activities in the recycling of urban waste, so as to enhance the self-survivability of waste-to-resource enterprises.
The mobile screening and crushing plant station is an integrated unit that integrates feeding, crushing, screening, and conveying technologies. It can quickly process large concrete blocks and broken bricks into coarse or fine recycled aggregates. These aggregates are processed into pavement bricks, wall bricks, lawn bricks, water-permeable bricks and other new environmentally friendly building materials through auxiliary equipment for construction waste, and they have the advantages of environmental protection, high strength, wear resistance, water permeability, etc. In addition, construction waste recycled bone The material can also be used for road construction and the preparation of recycled materials such as concrete.

Advantages of mobile crushing, screening and crushing plant

1. The crushing particle size is uniform, increasing the utilization rate
The finished product of broken brick slag has round grain shape, rough surface, and angular, which is very conducive to the adhesion of aggregate and other mixtures, and effectively improves the utilization rate.
2. Strong mobility, unlimited venue
Driven by explosion-proof tires, it can perform 30-degree climbing operations, and can also walk on hills and wetlands. The hydraulic rotating bearing has a small turning radius and is easy to move.
3. Environmental protection clearance, green production
The conveyor belt can be designed as a sealed transmission method to prevent dust from flying. The crushing host is equipped with an advanced E dust removal system, which has a better off-line dust removal pulse dust removal effect. It can also be equipped with a dust-proof spray device on the outside of the equipment to achieve environmental protection conditions.
4. Multi-machine combination reduces investment
A mobile crusher can be combined with a variety of crushing hosts to complete different levels of crushing work, achieve modular exchange of the host in remote areas, and reduce transportation costs and labor costs.

Recycling of construction waste has become a major trend in the industry. Shanghai Dongmeng is committed to building a national brand of crushing equipment, large-scale manufacturing methods, intelligent production processes, and the spirit of craftsmanship. Whenever the integrity is good, choose a suitable one. The mobile brick slag crushing and screening plant machine is only half of the year's success. You can go to the Dongmeng headquarters for on-site inspections and purchase suitable equipment.

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