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mobile crusher vs stationary crusher

Mobile crushers have become popular in the sand and gravel market. Because of their convenience and modern intelligence, many gravel plants have begun to use mobile stone crushers. How much is a mobile crusher? What are the types of mobile crusher equipment? Which is better, mobile or stationary crusher?

stationary crusher

The mobile crusher and the fixed crusher should be analyzed according to the actual situation. After all, the configuration of each sand and gravel plant is different, and the equipment used is also different. As long as it is suitable for you, it is good. Just comparing the two types of equipment, the mobile crusher is more intelligent and meets the requirements of a modern sand plant. The mobile crusher can be moved by itself, which is more convenient than the fixed type, and does not require complicated piling and fixing. It is simple to install and can be used on the go. It is more practical. This is why many sand and gravel plants like it now. The reason for using a mobile crusher.

The difference between mobile crusher and fixed crusher

The mobile crusher adopts a vehicle-mounted chassis device, which has strong mobility and can freely travel through the crushing site in various environments, and is suitable for non-fixed sites; while the fixed type is suitable for fixed crushing sites, and direct production in situ does not need to change the site. of. If you are a fixed production site, there will be no moving of the site in the future. It is recommended that you choose a fixed one, because in terms of cost performance, the mobile crusher has better crushing effect and scope of application than the fixed one, so in terms of price Slightly higher. If it needs to be changed to a mobile type in the future, Shanghai Dongmeng after-sales service department will change it to a mobile type according to the needs. There is no need to worry about this.

The mobile crusher eliminates the obstacles that the crushing site and environment bring to the user. Because of its strong mobility, it can easily travel through the crushing site under different environments for on-site crushing. If you want to "crush, make sand, screen, and transport" directly to complete the sand making operation of ore materials at one time, it is better to choose an integrated mobile crusher. And the whole crushing process not only has a large processing capacity, but also the particle size of the finished product is relatively uniform, with a higher particle size gradation.

mobile crusher

Classification and application of mobile crusher equipment

Mobile crusher equipment classification
According to the diversified production needs of users, we have configured many types for them. The more common models are mobile jaw crusher, mobile cone crusher, mobile heavy hammer crusher, mobile impact crusher, mobile sand making machine and so on.
The mobile jaw crusher equipment is mainly suitable for crushing stones with a hardness of not more than 320MPa, such as dolomite, marble, river pebbles, etc.;
The mobile cone crusher is more suitable for crushing materials with medium hardness or high hardness, such as graphite, granite, etc.;
Mobile impact crusher equipment is more suitable for processing medium-hard materials, such as limestone, construction waste, slag, etc.;
Compared with the first three types of equipment, the mobile sand making machine has more uniform and finer finished products for processing stones, and is often used in sand making operations for stones such as bluestone and pebbles.

In recent years, the economies of various countries in the world have developed rapidly, and the mining machinery industry is no exception. In response to the current theme of environmental development, the mining machinery industry is no exception and has introduced various types of crushing equipment. Among them, the environmentally friendly mobile crushing station developed and produced by Shanghai Dongmeng has become famous in the fields of major sand plants, construction waste treatment plants, concrete mixing plants and other fields with its reliable quality and stable performance, and has received a lot of The pursuit of environmental protection companies.


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