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Mobile crushing plant equipment manufacturer Shanghai mobile crusher supplier mobile crushing unit crawler mobile crushing plant equipment

The mobile crushing station is a novel rock crushing equipment, cobblestone crushing equipment and construction waste crushing equipment, suitable for pebbles, weathered stones, river pebbles, construction waste crushing, mobile sand making, and other environments, greatly expanding the concept of coarse crushing operations . Its design purpose is to stand in the position of the customer, take the elimination of the obstacles that the crushing site and environment bring to the customer's crushing operation as the required solution, and provide customers with low-cost project operation hardware facilities.

mobile crusher equipment suppliers

The mobile crushing station is flexible, convenient and highly maneuverable, which can save a lot of infrastructure and relocation costs; it can crush materials on site and move with the advancement of the raw material mining surface, thereby greatly reducing the transportation cost of materials. The mobile crushing and screening equipment includes a primary crushing station, a secondary crushing and screening station, and a belt conveyor. Each level of the crushing station is an independent work unit that can perform different responsibilities.

Sand making site of crawler mobile station

The mobile crushing station is mainly used for metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, hydropower and other materials that often require relocation operations, especially for the operations of mobile stone materials such as highways, railways, and hydropower projects. Users can choose according to the type, scale and The different requirements of finished materials adopt multiple configuration forms. my country's current mobile crushing stations are mostly used in construction waste treatment projects in urban demolition. The crushing and screening of construction waste into several different sizes and rules of recycled aggregates is the foundation of the project to realize the recycling of construction waste in my country.

A piece of equipment has unusual functions, which is equivalent to a complete stone production line, which can simplify the crushing process, and the installation cycle of a fixed crushing production line can be completed 15 days in advance. Its vehicle-mounted integrated structure model and retractable conveyor belt make it more convenient for on-site crushing and transportation, and it saves costs without long-distance transportation.

mobile crushing equipment suppliers,For an innovative company like Shanghai Dongmeng that has been devoted to China's construction machinery manufacturing industry for many years, the quality of a piece of equipment and whether the equipment "satisfies customers" in actual production is the key to brand vitality and reputation.

Crawler Mobile Station Sand and Stone Exhibition

As a manufacturer of crushing and screening equipment machines for many years, Dongmeng is based on the high-quality industrial chain of the Yangtze River Delta, steadily making products, sincerely serving customers, and conscientiously serving customers. Dongmeng's research and development has been following the market trend for many years. Believe in "starting from customer needs." Regardless of fixed or mobile equipment, every technological innovation and R&D and manufacturing of Shanghai Dongmeng is based on its own core technological advantages and meets the needs of customers at home and abroad. Once the product is launched on the market, it will naturally stand From the long-term market inspection and critical eyes from customers from all sides. Professional and dedicated, Shanghai Dongmeng has turned new customers into old customers, and sold crushing equipment from all over the world to the Middle East, North Africa, Southeast Asia, Latin America and the world.

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