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The crawler jaw mobile crushing station is a new type of equipment composed of mobile crushing equipment and jaw crushers. It is widely used in mining, construction, building materials, highways, water conservancy and chemical industries. It is not affected by the on-site environment and the size of the space when operating in construction waste recycling projects, earth and stone works, urban infrastructure construction, road construction, etc., and is convenient to move and walk freely.
Shanghai Dongmeng is a professional mobile crusher factory. The mobile jaw crusher is a European version of the jaw crusher developed by combining foreign advanced technology. This is an optimized design and manufacturing in terms of structure, material selection, technology, and assembly. The new crawler mobile jaw crushing station.

Jaw mobile crusher manufacturer

With its unique structure, light weight, reliable operation, simple operation, large crushing ratio and high output, it is the optimal equipment for crushing various hard and strong abrasive rocks and minerals.
When the mobile jaw crushing plant is processed, the whole machine is operated with strong harmony and integrated operation, which saves money and consumes less energy. The size of the mobile jaw crusher is small, the operation is more convenient, and the turning radius is small. It is on the road. Traveling is more convenient and will not cause excessive wear on the road surface. The mobile jaw crusher does not have much requirements for the crushing site, and has strong adaptability to the working environment. It is widely used in the operation of mobile stones such as highways, railways, and hydropower projects. Dongmeng mobile jaw crusher manufacturers can perform according to user requirements. Different equipment, high equipment and complete accessories.

Advantages of mobile jaw crusher:
1. Easy to move and cost saving
The mobile jaw crusher is equipped with drive equipment, which can immediately go to the material to start work on the spot, which greatly reduces the transportation cost of the material;
2. Integrated full set of generators, saving indoor space
The integrated generator set installation method can eliminate the complicated site infrastructure construction and installation work of split components, and can also reduce the consumption of materials and comprehensive man-hours. In addition, this type of assembly method also occupies a relatively small area;
3. Equipped with dexterity, more at ease
This mobile jaw crusher can work alone with a single generator set, and it can also form a system to set up a generator set to work together, or compose other software according to the situation on the spot, so that customers can use it more at ease.

Jaw mobile crusher manufacturer:

shang hai dongmeng Mining Machinery is a jaw mobile crusher factory . It has three production bases. There are more than 1,000 masters operating more than 600 equipment in a standardized industrial plant with 260,000 square meters. Dedicated, using craftsmanship, strictly control the links in the production process, and strive to ensure the quality of equipment.

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