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working princleple YK Series Circular Vibrating Screen

YK series vibrating screen product introduction

The YK series vibrating screen produced by Shanghai Dongmeng Co., Ltd. is a high-efficiency vibrating screen manufactured by German technology. It is suitable for screening sand and gravel in quarries, and can also be used in coal preparation, mineral processing, building materials, electric power and chemical industries. YK series vibrating screen uses block eccentricity as the exciting force to make the screen box move upward, forward, downward, and backward. It has the characteristics of advanced technical parameters, high vibration intensity, large processing capacity, and high screening efficiency. According to different material classification requirements, the screen surface has different structure forms of single layer, double layer and multi-layer. According to the different materials to be screened, screens of various materials and structures can be selected, and different screen fixing methods can be selected according to the working conditions of the screen and the screen.

dongmeng YK series vibrating screen

Features of YK series vibrating screen

1. The steel coil spring is used as the vibration damping device, which has reliable performance and long service life;
2. The equipment maintenance is simple and convenient, and the operating efficiency of the whole machine is obviously improved.
3. Using block eccentricity as the exciting force, not only increases the exciting force, but also the exciting force can be adjusted randomly, which is convenient for modular design and use;
4. The structure of small amplitude, high frequency and large inclination angle is adopted, with high screening efficiency, large processing capacity, long life, low energy consumption and low noise;
5. Using tire coupling, flexible connection, stable operation, small impact on the motor;
6. Flexible use, the processing capacity can be controlled by changing the inclination of the screen surface;
7. The screen surface material is wear-resistant, fatigue-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and has a high opening rate, light weight, and high classification accuracy;

YK series vibrating screen installation site

Working principle of YK series vibrating screen

The working principle of the YK series vibrating screen is that the vibration exciter is installed on the side plate of the screen box, and the motor is driven to rotate through the tire coupling, so that the eccentric mass generates centrifugal inertia force, which forces the screen box to produce periodic reciprocating vibration and its movement The track is approximately circular; when the screened material enters the screen surface, due to the vibration of the screen surface, the material layer on the screen surface loosens and leaves the screen surface to jump up. Small particle materials can fall through the material layer, while large particle materials Can not penetrate the material layer, so that the originally chaotic particle group separates, forming a regular arrangement of small particles on the bottom and large particles on the top; the fine particles that reach the screen surface, the ones smaller than the sieve hole, can pass through the sieve, and finally realize the coarseness. , The fine particles are separated to complete the screening; at the same time, the particles stuck in the sieve holes will be shaken out to ensure that the sieve holes are not blocked.

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