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DC High efficiency European style Jaw Crusher

Product introduction

DC High efficiency European Jaw Crusher is widely used in mining stone crushing , building aggregate production, building rubbish crushing, water conservancy & hydropower, highway, railway,bridge and other industries.
European jaw crusher is a new type of intelligent, environmental protection and energy-saving crushing equipment designed according to the market situation of sand and gravel aggregate and the needs of customers. A new generation of CJ series European jaw crusher is coming in an all-round way. It is a new product that introduces European technology and optimizes and upgrades on the basis of the traditional crusher. 

DC High efficiency European style Jaw Crusher

European Jaw Crusher Advantages and Characteristics

The European jaw crusher runs smoothly and has a long service life. It is equipped with double wedge block discharge adjustment system, which can adjust the discharge port conveniently and quickly. Even under idling condition, the discharge port can be adjusted to the preset value in a few minutes. With the help of hydraulic system or screw system, automation can be realized, which is simpler, safer and faster than the traditional pad type discharge adjustment system of jaw crusher Jie.

1. Safety and low noise
The integrated motor base structure is easy to install and save space, and the damping pad design between the host and the base can reduce the equipment vibration and operation noise.
2. New wedge quick adjustment mode
By adopting the new wedge quick discharging adjustment mode, the discharging granularity is easier to control and adjust, and the labor cost and shutdown time are reduced, and the discharging is more uniform.
3. Durable and long life
The bearing specification increases and the service life is prolonged; the bracket plate designed with high strength steel plate is easy to replace and more durable, the overall failure rate of the equipment is reduced by 5%, and the quality is more reliable.
4. Large crushing ratio
The optimized design of operation parameters can ensure that the stone can start to break in the upper part of the crushing chamber, so that the stroke of the lower part will be larger and the crushing ratio will be greatly improved.
5. Stable rack
The use of non welded detachable frame can change the unstable defects of the old welding frame, ensure the stability of the equipment, and the detachable structure is more convenient for transportation and installation, and is safe and convenient for underground operation.

European jaw crusher site


Working principle of European jaw crusher

The motor drives the belt and pulley, and makes the moving jaw swing back and forth through the eccentric shaft. When the moving jaw pushes the moving jaw plate to move towards the fixed jaw plate, the material is crushed or split. When the moving jaw and the moving jaw plate retreat under the action of eccentric shaft and spring, the previously crushed or split materials are discharged from the lower discharge port of jaw plate. With the continuous rotation of the motor, the jaw of the crusher can crush and discharge materials periodically to realize batch production.

European Jaw Crusher parameter

Model Size of feed opening (mm×mm)  Max. feed size (mm) Capacity (t/h)  Eccentric shaft rotate speed (r/min) Motor power (kw)  Closed side setting (mm) Weight (t)
DC75 500x750 420 61-198 320 55-75 50-150 9.5
DC90 600x900 500 120-291 306 90 70-175 12.5
DC106 750x1060 630 199-446 270 132 90-200 23.5
DC125 950x1250 800 327-728 240 160 100-250 42.8
DC160 1200x1600 1000 581-1204 220 250 150-300 75


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