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crawler type Mobile screening station

Product introduction

The crawler type Mobile screening station is a set of stone crushing and screening equipment. It can be used for both oil and electricity, and has flexible configuration. It can effectively simplify the gravel process in operation. At the same time, the crawler design also effectively improves the application range of the equipment.

Crawler type screening standard mobile crushing station is a kind of high-yield screening and crushing equipment, which adopts self driving mode, advanced technology and complete functions. In any terrain conditions, its main design highlight is that it can reach any position of the workplace, and the production efficiency is high. It can be used in hydropower, expressway, artificial aggregate, ore crushing and other fields, especially for urban construction waste treatment!


Mobile screening station (crawler type)


Equipment application:

1. Construction and demolition waste, such as house demolition, screening and recycling of road concrete;

2. Screening materials in quarry and mining yards and screening aggregates in crushed asphalt and concrete mixing stations;

3. Screening of river pebble, Gobi beach sand and gravel, coal mine, surface soil and other industries.

4. Widely used in screening operations in various crushing and screening processes;

Crawler construction garbage mobile crushing


Processing materials: crushed stone, etc
Processing capacity: 450t / h
Main equipment: crawler mobile jaw broken, crawler moving cone broken, crawler mobile screening machine


1. Adopt remote intelligent wireless control, walking on the track by itself without the crane, it can up and off the  trailers through the intelligent remote control to directly realize the long-distance transportation and transition work.
2. The vibrating screen can be lifted and lowered by hydraulic pressure, which is convenient for maintainence  and replacing the sieve and convenient for transportation;
3. The screening machine can screen up to 4 kinds of (three-layer sieve) final products, and each finished material conveyor belt can be hydraulically folded to realize the whole machine transportation;
4. Optimized by dynamic design, with high-performance screening capability, it can be operated independently or coordinated by multiple sections of Dongmeng Mobile series process;
5, It is a complete screening system before delivery from factory, which can be quickly put into production without installation and debugging
6. Dongmeng Heavy-duty Screening Machine can select the plate feeding system according to the needs of customers to achieve the screening efficiency of special materials.

crawler type mobile screening station case

120 ton crawler type Mobile screening station line


Model DMS620C
Feeding Equipment
Capacity(t/h) 450
Hopper Volume(m3) 2.5
Feeding Belt Conveyor
L x W(mm) 10500x1000
Feeding Height(mm) 2800
Motor(kw) 11
Vibrating Screen
Screen Size L x W(mm) 6000x2000
Decks 2(3)
Motor(kw) 22(30)
A-Belt Conveyor
Specification Type B650x7.5M
Unloading Height(mm) 3200
Motor(kw) 4
B—Belt Conveyor
Specification Type B650x5.6M
Unloading Height(mm) 3200
Motor(kw) 4
C—Belt Conveyor
Specification Type B650 x 7M
Unloading Height(mm) 3100
Motor(kw) 4
D-Belt Conveyor
Specification Type 功率Motor(kw) B800x8M 5.5
Unloading Height(mm) 3760
E- Belt Conveyor
Specification Type B650x2M
Motor(kw) 3
Whole Plant
Driving Motor(kw) single 76,double 100
Total weight(t) single 33,double 35
Capacity(t/h) 100-380
Size LxWx H(m) 14.5x3.8x3.8
External Power(kw) 62


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