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Barite processing plant

Baryte, or barite, is a mineral consisting of barium sulfate. The baryte group consists of baryte, celestine, anglesite and anhydrite. Baryte itself is generally white or colorless, and is the main source of barium. Baryte and celestine form a solid solution (Ba, Sr)SO4. dongmeng company can supply you baryre crusher or barite crusher in barite mining industry.

Barite processing plant

The main components of the barite crusher are rollers, roller support bearings, pressing and adjusting devices and driving devices. Its working method is that the material enters the two rollers for squeezing and crushing, and the finished product falls naturally. If you want to get finished products with different specifications, you only need to adjust the distance between the rollers. If you encounter too hard or unbreakable materials, the spring safety device is compressed, the discharge port is increased, and the foreign material is discharged. Then the spring recovers and the operation continues.

Roller crusher

Roller crusher


1. The finished product has good grain shape, less powder, and strong crushing and sand-making function.
2. The wearing parts are durable, with good wear resistance and long service life.
3. Low noise, less dust and no pollution.
4. The structure is simple, the process is simplified, and the running cost is low.
5. The price is cheap, the scope of application is wide, and the cost performance is high.
6. In the production process, save electricity and energy.

jaw crusher

jaw crusher

Barite crusher manufacturer-Shanghai Dongmeng Luqiao Machinery Co., Ltd. This factory is a factory direct sales manufacturer. The barite crusher produced is all available from stock and provides free customized models for many users. Provide production plan, etc., the price of a barite crusher is about 10% discount, you can come to the field to visit and inspect the test machine!


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